Female case, not yet verified, but facial lesions consistent with MONKEYPOX (MPV); has MPV already entered the low-risk heterosexual community? We know of 2 children cases linked to GAY community

by Paul Alexander

This video shows three things 1) it may have expanded due to the failures of CDC & NIH & WHO to the general population 2) doctors and medical community are inept and clueless on this MPV & 3) below

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I still warn that the guidance must be to the GAY and bisexual community to constrain the sexual contact for a few weeks. No sex, no skin to skin touch. Yes, we are learning more but what is out there is enough to tell us this is the prudent type of messaging. No anal sex or heavy touching that could break skin lesions etc.

Some argue that the COVID gene injection has compromised the immune systems of the population, across the populations, such that we are now seeing the emergence of other pathogen e.g. other poxvirus and that monkeypox is not the underlying pox. Look, all things must be on the table now for we lived through 2 years of lies and deception by CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO etc. They locked us down and closed school for pure lies. We cannot trust anything, nothing that Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky says. Nothing.

Now onto 3), which is that the public health information and guidance from CDC and NIH and WHO etc. has been lacking and misleading for the high-risk population. They did this during HIV emergence in the 1980s and the issue is it can become a heterosexual issue but only if expanded outside of that community. It still operates as and as far as the data today shows, based on contact to infected lesions etc. and in one high-risk group. Not due to being GAY, but because of how this virus is transmitted with tissue tearing and transfer of bodily fluids. This is a pure failure by public health and to me, near deliberate. 

Potent brilliant scientists such as Dr. Steve Hatfill suggest that it may acquire aerosol components too. He cautions. This is frightening for we dodged a bullet globally with EBOLA Reston that killed infected monkeys and that EBOLA was aerosolized based on our investigation. But not yet transmitting to humans. We dodged a global catastrophe there.

It will be important to know who her sexual contact (s) or intimate or close contacts were, in terms of if this was via bisexual intimacy etc. for it will still help us understand the foci. Yet if there was no touching or skin to skin or intimacy etc. but close association with someone who identifies as GAY or bisexual and was symptomatic (or infected and did not yet know), then it will open the real distinct potential for some form of aerosol transmission and this is and would be a real huge problem. 

This is where the bisexual sex is a critical aspect for often, people have relations with someone who is bisexual and high-risk and spreads to you. And were not truthful. You were monogamous but they are not. She may have been victim to that.

This is very troubling and we need to focus. 

Yet Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Mike Yeadon, myself etc., Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone etc, we have said that we have to keep the eyes today on the real issue which is the near criminal push by these malfeasants (IMO dangerous malfeasants) to vaccinate our children with these COVID injections. 

Stay tuned as we learn more.

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