Fentanyl & China, specifically WUHAN China; how Wuhan is not only the COVID capital & foci of the world, but also the fentanyl capital of the world; how fentanyl pushers onto US streets are seething

by Paul Alexander

China stars again, it has top billing for exporting COVID virus with Fauci and Francis Collins et al. that they cooked in the lab there, but also as the nirvana for deadly fentanyl

“In 2018, more than 31,000 people in the United States died after taking fentanyl or one of its close chemical relatives, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. No other drug in modern history has killed more people in a year.”

When are we going to address the devastation from fentanyl and what it is doing to the streets of the US?

‘For drug traffickers interested in getting in on the fentanyl business, all roads once led to Wuhan.

The sprawling industrial city built along the Yangtze River in east-central China is known for its production of chemicals, including the ingredients needed to cook fentanyl and other powerful synthetic opioids.

Vendors there shipped huge quantities around the world. The biggest customers were Mexican drug cartels, which have embraced fentanyl in recent years because it is cheaper and easier to produce than heroin.

But the novel coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan late last year before spreading across the planet has disrupted the fentanyl supply chain, causing a ripple effect that has cut into the profits of Mexican traffickers and driven up street drug prices across the United States.

Few industries — illicit or not — have been unscathed by the pandemic that has upended the global economy and killed more than 190,000 people worldwide.

The narcotics trade, which relies on the constant movement of goods and people, has been stymied by lockdowns, travel bans and other efforts to contain the virus, according to government officials, academic researchers and drug traffickers.’

Read this source, it is well written and says what is to be said in commonsense language: