Fentanyl deaths soar in US & enters from the Southern border & comes from Wuhan China & Opens a Grave New Health Security Threat: Synthetic Opioids; Fentanyl, China’s Deadly Export to United States

by Paul Alexander

China waging deliberate chemical warfare on United States with illicit Wuhan Fentanyl; Illicit Fentanyl from China: An Evolving Global Operation & is Fentanyl the new next terrorist threat? Rainbow

This is about saving lives. I remain shocked how the government has allowed this to enter the US and not stamped it out.

It is coming in via Mexico but it starts from Wuhan China.

Fentanyl has Opened a Grave New Health Security Threat. I argue that China Is killing Americans with Fentanyl - Deliberately and we have to focus on how fentanyl became ‘a weapon of mass destruction’ in the US. There is a strong China-Mexico connection and Fentanyl trafficking. These are very serious issues that we must bring to the table now, especially rainbow fentanyl and the potential targeting of our children. Is 'rainbow fentanyl' a threat to your kids this Halloween? Be very careful with this and discuss and warn your children as we have very deranged sick twisted people out there. Warn your children to be on the look out. It may look like skittles or colored candy but if your child puts in their mouth, they will die in minutes. Warn them to bring all candy home to you as parents and you now, must only handle such with gloves etc. This is very very serious.