Fentanyl? Is Canada insane? "Fentanyl From the Government? A Vancouver Experiment Aims to Stop Overdoses" & "Highly potent weed creating marijuana addicts worldwide", study finds; IMO, this is MADNESS

by Paul Alexander

In long run, don't care how much these social activist people try to make you think this works, it will cause more harm than good! Highly potent weed creating marijuana addicts worldwide, study says


Fentanyl From the Government? A Vancouver Experiment Aims to Stop Overdoses

I need to see data, I need to see any evidence this works, this madness. Anything the government gets it’s hands on, is for other crooked government people and insiders to set up programs and policies for them to make money, and it always fails. And do not be fooled, none of these people care about the ‘people’ and the public. I have met none.

As they say, nothing is as permanent as a temporary government program.

Highly potent weed creating marijuana addicts worldwide, study says

The biggest mistake is legalizing weed in Canada etc. The impact of THC is catastrophic on a population level. I am not getting into medicinal use in this piece and this is between a sick person and their doctor etc. Not my business and if there is a credible medical use and gain, then this is something that cannot be discarded or discounted. I confess too I do not know enough about the medical use and gains but I will not say it will not work. If research and experience shows it has a place, then we use what we can to help people. But ‘properly’.

The legalization and liberalization of weed was a grave disaster, IMO, and was to get votes, pure and simple, to appease certain blocks, that is what the governments did and will pay a price for the addicts creating are non-functional. I see them in Canada, US, downtown, when people are headed to work and the day is moving, these people are stoned on weed and slurring and stumbling and trying to make you think this is ok. It is not.

THC stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC). It is a cannabinoid molecule in marijuana (cannabis sativa) that gives the ‘high’ feeling.

Stop the Fentanyl from Wuhan China. And keep trying and you imprison the high financier, not the 5$ bag dealer. You go after the big boys and girls in high levels of government and the elites and connected people who finance this. Who bring it in. It is there you make the arrests and for life. Oh, I forget, we may end up jailing our own ministers and congress people and senators and MPs and MPPs and high level ‘beautiful’ people. Oh crap, I forgot. Sorry about that misspeak.