"Finland To Scrap All Coronavirus Restrictions By Mid-February"...another one comes to their senses, as does Switzerland, that COVID has been over many months if not over one year ago; it is done!

by Paul Alexander

Two more bites the dust??

In the US, Canada etc., ‘they're not changing their tune because there are too many people in this country that actually LIKE the restrictions. I never realized how many dysfunctional, neurotic, hypochondriacs live in the US’…and Canada, and Australia…

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin has announced that the country will be lifting all Wuhan coronavirus restrictions by mid-February as the country starts easing some restrictions this week.

The Finnish Prime Minister stated on Monday that all coronavirus restrictions would end by mid-February and that some restrictions will begin to ease this week, starting on Tuesday, such as restrictions on restaurants and sporting facilities.

“BERN, Switzerland (LifeSiteNews) — The Swiss government has announced a proposal to lift most of the COVID restrictions currently in place in the country next month.  “As of next week, I believe we can discuss the lifting of quarantine and home office requirements,” Swiss health minister Alain Berset told the press Friday.” 

“Switzerland expected to lift COVID restrictions, vaccine passports” As of February 16, so-called COVID certificates or vaccine passport requirements will be scrapped.