Fired Alberta Health Services board member Tony Dagnone rages against Premier Danielle Smith because she dares fire him & his corrupted misfit malfeasants who partook in needless deaths of Albertans

by Paul Alexander

Dagone made ad hominin smears of me after he got his 'Dear John' pink slip; he is a piece of garbage for that, saying I promoted medical quackery; Not Kenney? Not the doctors who killed Albertans?

Yes, Smith is emerging as the Texas and Florida of Canada. Freedom loving. I think for sure Prime Minister qualities. Now.

Tony Dagnone understands today that the gig is up with Alberta Premier Smith, she is the real deal, and she came to clean house and fix what former Premier Kenney did and get justice and accountability for the thousands of Albertans, of our parents, our grandparents and children that the likes of Dagone and crooked corrupted inept politicized medical doctors in Alberta killed.

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You Tony Dagnone publicly attacked me in your letter to Smith, when I do not know you or said nothing about you. I do not know who you are or never met you. So now, I have to reply. I am ‘Trump’ like. In that way, if you hit me, I WILL hit you back and harder.

Tony Dagnone, you and your board are IMO, corrupted inept people who partook in harms and deaths across COVID. I call you out as I see it. And many medical doctors in Alberta were part of what we will call ‘crimes’.

It is my hope that everyone gets to defend their positions (you too) in proper inquires and if it is shown your policies costed lives of Albertans, then you must be cleaned out financially and some of you placed in a jail. For what you did! Do not come hiding behind lofty titles for me, or your Order, it means nothing based on the harms you all caused and Premier Smith is 100% correct. Clean you out financially and imprison some of you. Malfeasants.

We could not even bury our dead, our parents died in misery due to their/your lockdown lunacy. Our elderly died alone, in miserable agony. Yet you did not care with your hubris and arrogance, you and your power-drunk type. With Kenney.

They/you partook in the harming and suffering of, the killing of, with their/your illogical, irrational, absurd, non-sensical, unscientific, absurd, and specious policies and COVID Taliban madness, thousands of people needlessly. And Premier Smith must convene the proper legal tribunals and legal public inquiries and hearings, to investigate you Dagnone and all on that board and all doctors and all who made insane COVID policies and decisions that killed people. Killed precious Albertans. Investigate all! Albertans want justice and accountability!

She, Premier Smith, must drag the likes of you Dagnone in front of tribunals and legal inquiries, and all the hospital CEOs, and Kenney, and the medical doctors, and academia, and all, every last one of them in Alberta with their Branch COVIDian madness, who costed lives. If it is shown they costed lives, jail them all! If you did not cost lives and was just inept, then we ensure you are fired and if we could, take your pensions. But if shown you were reckless and dangerous, we jail you!

I did not interfere with you Dagnone, your came at me needlessly and so I am responding. And you should know, millions of Albertans feel exactly how I say it. I just have the voice.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta like the same in Ontario, must be disbanded, all members made known, investigated and jailed if it is shown they killed people by their COVID lockdown lunacy and policies. With their forcing of these fraud vaccines, disregarding the inevitable viral immune escape and propagation of infectious mutants, driven by the vaccine itself. They must have known that immune escape would be the result if they implemented these vaccines in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. No other result. They must be held to account for this recklessness. I say malfeasance.

It is the likes of you Dagnone who made this insanity, it is the likes of you who was unscientific with your insane board, and who partook with medical doctors in Alberta to kill people. Medical quackery? Me, medical quackery? You have no idea what you are saying. You and doctors in Alberta, they know who they are, should be ashamed for they know they never once followed science, not once. The garbage they subjected people to. And all Albertans wanted was the truth. For 3 years you suffered people, needlessly.

Do you have any idea what you are saying? You still have no clue for you never ever followed the real science. You and people like you and doctors in Alberta refused to treat people with early treatment that was shown to be highly effective and many Albertans would be alive today. You partook in the deaths of many. You helped lock people down and denied proper population herd immunity (baseline immunity), all in want of the fraud vaccine you were pushing. You partook in lockdown lunacy that had no scientific basis, then and now.

Not one lockdown nowhere in the world worked. Not one. Not one school closure worked to curb transmission or deaths. No business closure worked. No shielding. Nothing. Zero. No mask mandate can be shown to have curbed transmission or deaths. Not one! Anywhere. Nothing you espoused and did, nothing your board did worked. You instead harmed Albertans, you and Kenney. Just suffering of people. You caused the deaths of children. Business owners, laid of employees were crushed. Children lost emotionally, educationally, socially, and psychologically, their immune systems weakened and dampened by your lockdown lunacy.

No lockdown worked, the blue surgical face masks and cloth masks never ever worked and will never work. Not for a respiratory virus like this. We all knew it, the data was there. That is the science. Mandating them was a joke. People like you, power-drunk hubris laden, arrogant fools, knew it. But you delighted in the power and the corrupted contracts. Smith must investigate that too, to ensure proper accounting for every tax payer dollar and where one is missing, jail you and whomever. You better hope you can account for every dollar under you! I hope you can! I hope you are not one who we uncover stole tax payer money for millions, billions have been taken. COVID was a ‘get rich’ scheme for many in high places, including government people and we will find out. If you did not touch any money, good for you!

But you and your corrupted fraud board just harmed people and in effect, damaged them, especially the developing immune systems of children. Now you see the impact with the RSV explosion etc. Many other diseases will emerge due to your fraud policies. Yet we told you. You did not care. You were a ‘boss’, ex cathedra, with your unsound garbage. Till today, you have still failed to conduct one proper cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit, not one. Not one proper cluster randomized controlled trial on anything. Why do you think? No proper RCTs. Why?

Hiding behind 95% relative risk reduction (RRR) of Pfizer and Moderna fraud vaccine (where they did not include 3000 participants with no proper accounting and unblinded the placebo so that the studies and the comparative data were effectively destroyed) and data when the absolute benefit, absolute risk reduction was just 0.7%. That is correct, 0.7%, so a number needed to treat of about 142. They defrauded the public and you helped push that fraud. When Ioannidis showed the mortality risk in persons 0-19 years was 0.0003%. Two years now. 0% for kids 0-10 years old. Risk of survival 0-70/75 years being 99.99997%. It was public data and mean/median age of death in February 2020 was 82 with 3 underlying conditions and remains 82 today November 2022. Where we knew March 2020 that COVID was amenable to age-risk stratification and that there was a steep age-risk curve gradient and that baseline risk was prognostic on severity of outcome and death, with a 1000 fold difference in risk of death between 85 year old granny and 10 year old Johnny. I guess this science simply eluded you, as you pocketed your salary yet had no issue locking down people who could not afford to shelter. Poor people. Minorities. Women. Your kind did not care.

Again, you attacked me so I am retuning ‘in kind’. I hope you do not mind. And I am going to be gentle with you for you and your Albertan doctors spent 3 years with their heads up their and your ass and thus need lots of time now to read and understand the ‘real’ science. I ‘get’ your limitations for you now have lots to read.

Today, people in Canada come up to me and hug me, wherever I go, in US, Europe, women, men, and cry, weep on my shoulders and say ‘I only wanted to say hello, I cannot believe this is you in this coffee shop’ and beg me, and my colleagues McCullough, Risch, Malone, Urso, Trozzi, Ladapo, Francis Christian etc. to not stop. They say ‘thank you for our children, you helped me stay strong and firm and I protected them, and listened to you, and I tried hard to think critically, and will never let them put that fraud shot in my child, while Trudeau and Kenney and Ford were doing madness, insanity to me. If it were not for you and McCullough and Gill and Trozzi and Tenenbaum and Hodkinson etc., we could not hold on.’ They meant people like you too, Tony, your board that deranged them, near drove them insane with your corrupted lunacy. They told me how hopeless, helpless, vulnerable they felt, a feeling for 3 years of powerlessness to malfeasants like you. They call you a malfeasant. I join them.

Again, you attacked me, so I am telling you how I feel, if you do not mind. Tony.

That had it not been for us, McCullough, Zelenko, Risch, me, Urso, Ladapo, and our guidance and words, our science and support through the madness, that they would have given up due to the madness and insanity they were living in Alberta under Kenney and the likes of you. Your inept corrupted board. Whomever they are. I assume they are like you. The tell me repeatedly that they refused the vaccine for understood that it was a fraud and not needed as they had natural immunity and that their children was near zero risk. We helped them make sense of what they were already thinking. They did not do things because of us, but were guided by us, but were ‘already there’ for Canadians are very smart, critical thinkers. Albertans are critical thinkers and smart. Very smart. And many saw through the fraud of your board and you. Canadians are among the best in the world. I have huge admiration for them. Yet they were pummeled into submission by inept incompetent freaks like you. Technocrats, bureaucrats full of garbage buffoonery making ex cathedra statements from up high, who have no idea what they are saying, just parroting talking points and what you see on television. Never ever looked at the real science.

Not one day did you lose pay, not one $ you lost, not one dollar, you ensured that, yet you sat atop of policies and decisions with people like Kenney and supported those that put Albertans on the breadline and suffered them. Laid off. No money. Killed themselves. You shifted the burden of morbidity and mortality to the front facing working class (who could not afford to shield) while you and the laptop café latte ‘zoom’ class shielded. You could walk your dog more, catch up on some reading, pulling flint from your navels, ex cathedra, bellowing non-sensical absurd unsound ‘deadly’ board policies. For you could. You did not care about the suffering of poor people who faced the pandemic while you sat in your basement sipping coffee getting your salary. Gorging. On tax payer money.

They should take the Order of Canada away from you, you do not deserve it. You are shameful. For what you wrote about the Premier who is simply trying to fix the disaster you wrought on Albertans.

Medical doctors with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and you and your board should hang their/your heads in shame and this period of COVID will go down in history as the greatest malfeasant crime on Albertans. Medical doctors failed to treat their own patients properly (first do no harm) and rather watched them die, sending them home when there was safe and effective treatment (combined sequenced anti-viral, corticosteroid, anti-coagulant therapeutics). Why? The evidence piled up quickly how safe and effective early treatment was in cutting hospitalization and death. Why did you and your board not protect Albertans, not question and push back and stop the lockdown and vaccine mandate madness, why? Why did you play a role in causing so many deaths. Medical quackery? Me? You have no idea what you just said.

People like you and medical doctors in Alberta (not all, but most, and for reasons of protecting salary, research grants, politics, and some for fear for their lives, safety, families etc.) stood by and supported and helped enforce failed lockdowns and closures that harmed and killed people. Why? Did you not think? Did you read the science? We gave you lots but you and your board and the medical doctors of Alberta exhibited a depth of academic sloppiness that is breath taking. Sheer cognitive dissonance. Show me, you, anyone, any science, that supported anything you did. You cannot.

Medical doctors in Alberta stood by while the governments and the College (CPSA) spouted the deadly garbage of natural immunity being inferior to vaccinal immunity. They helped force the fraud COVID shot into arms knowing it was not properly safety tested. They knew you cannot take a 15 year development process and make a vaccine in 4 months. They knew it. They knew that the vaccinal antibodies would not be developed (matured sufficiently to their maximal binding affinity capacity) once the virus circulated and thus viral immune escape was going to happen and variants would emerge. They knew. Yet continued mandating the fraud shots knowing the data showed that harms were real. Were you part of this? What does the record show?

Where is any science to show that the fraud shots would be effective and cut hospitalization, ICU, severe COVID, or deaths? Where? There is none! Never was! There is none. Medical doctors in Alberta and your board was part of this, forced and helped force the failed fraud ineffective and harmful (safety untested) COVID mRNA injection on the population. Many Albertans have been harmed with myocarditis, pericarditis, bleeding, clots, have died due to the fraud shot. Many died due to the shot, not the virus. Why? Were you part of this?

Vaccinated people are all getting re-infected and infected. Have you ever heard of this if the vaccine was properly developed, was sterilizing, and neutralized the virus/pathogen, and stopped infection, replication, or transmission? No. Yet this is what doctors pushed on their patients who trusted. This is what the Alberta government did. People were forced under threat of law, income cut off, and mandated to take a shot that is ineffective and deadly. The CDC Director Walensky took the 5th shot and got infected. Did you care to read about that? What does it tell you? And you say as a Trump official, I pushed medical quackery? If you dared read my writing you will for the first time learn something. I am learning, do not pretend to be an expert, but I have always been open and my head is not my ass. I want to learn to help inform so people can survive your madness.

I and Vanden Bossche (I am a student of his, Yeadon, Bridle etc.) and others have explained near 2 years now to stop the fraud COVID injection for it was a failure, not safe, and will drive variants and the pandemic will never stop due to it. You did not listen. Albertans pay the price today. Once you implement vaccinations via mass vaccination, across all age-groups, at once, and into a pandemic, with high infectious pressure (ongoing circulating virus), using a non-sterilizing non-neutralizing vaccine, with mounting population immune pressure that is sub-optimal (not yet fully matured and reaching its maximal full binding affinity capacity), then you will drive natural selection to play a role in driving emergence of infectious variant after infectious variant. Selection pressure MUST result. One emerging variant (sub-variants, clades) could be lethal (more virulent) if this sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccine is continued.

When immature, low-affinity vaccinal antibodies become exposed to the virus, (which may occur when vaccines are administered during a pandemic), these antibodies may still bind to the virus without neutralizing it. This places the virus under sub-optimal immune pressure but does not neutralize (eliminate) it. This is what has happened here with COVID as soon as the vaccine was rolled out near 2 years ago and we told them day 1. Yet they will not stop the failed vaccine program. In other words, the pandemic will never end. The boosters are a failure and are killing people. They seem to even know that the vaccine has failed yet will not stop. These idiots in Alberta (medical doctors, policy makers) including your board have failed to recognize that you never ever approach the virus ‘on its own’ in a pandemic and you must understand the vaccine roll-out based on the interplay (evolutionary biology and dynamics) between the host immune response (population immune response) and the virus. BOTH. Each feeding back on the other and causing evolutionary adaptations and adjustments to each other.

The same failed Albertan medical doctors who sat back and watched their patients die by refusing to treat early (especially our precious elderly and vulnerable persons), are/have forcing (forced) the failed vaccine on patients and claiming ‘we are following the rules of the College’ knowing in their hearts and minds, that the vaccine does not work and is dangerous. They cannot be that stupid. I would hope not. Refusing to recognize the Albertan patient’s natural immunity, or potential sensitivity to ingredients of the vaccine (PEG, cationic lipids etc.), or for religious purposes, or simple they do not want it. Vaccinating pregnant women when no study has been done and we do not know the long term implications to mother and developing child in utero or infant. Why? Are you part of this in Alberta? Your board. This has been outrageous and devastating and doctors must be investigated and licenses stripped for this. Premier Smith must see to this.

The same failed Albertan doctors and your board have forced and coerced and pushed the vaccination of Albertan children when they bring near zero risk of severe illness or death due to COVID infection and are not candidates for the fraud shot. Are you part of this? Albertan parents must understand that when the COVID injection is given to young children, healthy children, this (the vaccinal antibodies that are induced due to the vaccine) prevents the child’s innate antibodies from training the innate immune system and from eliminating the virus confronted with now, and specifically prevents the active training and teaching of the innate immune effector cells on how to recognize other (glycosylated) viruses and distinguish them from “self” antigens (i.e., distinguish between “self” and “non-self.”). To distinguish surface patterns (sugars, glycans etc.) that are self-like, self-altered, self-mimicking etc. and which can confuse the immune response. The natural killer cells (NK cells) are key in this innate training for they must learn in that key window (and be trained) in discerning ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ so the child’s immune system does not attack itself. The COVID shot subverts this training by vaccinal antibodies side-lining the ‘lower-affinity’ innate antibodies capacity to bind to virus and ‘learn’ as the vaccinal antibodies are higher-affinity and outcompete (binds and more strongly binds) the innate antibodies for the target antigen binding sites (epitopes).

This is a critical window of training for any immune system to learn at an early stage of life (once passive maternal immune protection is no longer available e.g. at about 4 to 6 months post birth) so as to provide for a healthy and appropriate immune response, immediate and life-long. This interference with the initiating foundational education of a child’s developing innate immune system can cause a COVID-vaccinated child to be less capable of handling glycosylated viruses (and glycosylated pathogens in general, as well as a range of pathogen). This predisposes such children to immune pathology (e.g., autoimmune disease). Albertan medical doctors should know this or are pretending as they partake in this abuse. Did you know this? Was your board while you were there, aware of this? Of the danger of vaccinating healthy children with zero risk, with these COVID gene injections that skew towards harms, and what this can do to the developing innate immune system?

I end by appealing to parents that under no condition, do you vaccinate your healthy child with these non-neutralizing COVID injections since your child brings near zero risk to the table and the vaccine has failed and is ineffective. Across the US, across the full 3 years of the pandemic, not one, no healthy child has died from COVID after being infected. Not one.

This COVID gene injection must be stopped! Albertans must be told the truth. It has failed, is ineffective, and harmful. Did your board know the science? Did you know that all you did was wrong? From lockdowns to vaccine. There is no other way for me to say it other than this way and that the vaccine must be stopped. The vaccine is driving massive infectious pressure and keeping virus circulating and vaccinated persons becoming infected and spreading the virus. It is that simple and ominous. Very early on I wrote a review in Brownstone showing that there was no difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and that the vaccine was failing. Brownstone, Dr. Paul Alexander

I want to end with some more detail for Albertans since the medical doctors there, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, and your board spent 3 years deceiving them. With Kenney.

Omicron as you know is the latest variant (and it’s subvariants/clades) since the initial Wuhan legacy strain (some estimates are that the initial emergence could be sometime late 2018 and early to mid-2019) and has evolved into a mild ‘common cold’ sub-variant (BA.4 & BA.5) that one can argue could become (or already is) endemic and circulate seasonally as a common cold like coronavirus e.g. alike OC43 and 229E common cold coronaviruses (evidence now that BA.5 is being replaced by BQ.1 etc. and again, due to the vaccine’s sub-optimal pressure on the target antigen (being the spike and it’s binding epitopes) driving variants, not the virus!).

The high affinity, high-specificity and largely resistant, vaccinal antibodies are placing the spike glyco-protein (binding sites such as the receptor binding domain and the N-terminal domain) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus under sub-optimal immune pressure. This pressure on the spike (target antigen) is causing the selection (via Darwinian natural selection) of more infectious (evolutionary fittest) variants that could overcome the pressure with viral immune escape, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) as well as antibody-dependent enhancement of disease (ADED), and original antigenic sin (whereby there is immune fixation or immune locking or priming or prejudicing based on the initial prime or exposure).

The result is that those who are vaccinated are at enhanced risk of infection (due to infection-enhancing vaccinal antibodies) and those who are not vaccinated, have benefitted from infection-mediated training of innate cell-mediated immunity (the training, education, and instructing of the innate immunity and the critical role of the innate antibodies in this training). This training is based on massive infectious pressure. Theoretically, this pandemic can continue for many years if the use of these sub-optimal non-neutralizing gene injections is not stopped. Did you know this? Infectious variant after infection variant will emerge and a potentially infectious variant that is more virulent, causing severe disease, can emerge.  For additional reading, please refer to:

i)Liu et al. “An infectivity-enhancing site on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein targeted by antibodies” and

ii)Fantini & Yahi et al. “Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?

While there was some protection of the upper respiratory airways in the pre-Omicron era, with the exiting (dominant) Omicron sub-variants (BA.4 & BA.5) that are largely resistant to vaccinal neutralizing antibodies, the vaccinated persons have become more susceptible to infection and we are witnessing more virulent variants becoming dominant (Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5). “Neutralization experiments revealed that the immunity induced by BA.1 and BA.2 infections is less effective against BA.4/5. Cell culture experiments showed that BA.2.12.1 and BA.4/5 replicate more efficiently in human alveolar epithelial cells than BA.2, and particularly, BA.4/5 is more fusogenic than BA.2.”  Importantly, virulence-neutralizing antibodies (Abs) (these are the same as those enhancing/facilitating infection at the upper respiratory tract) still protect against severe disease in the vaccinated person (e.g., in the case of BA.1 and BA.2) in the lower respiratory tract. However, it is very likely that with the growing resistance of BA.4 and BA.5 clades to the virulence-neutralizing Abs, then vaccinated persons will quickly become more susceptible to virulence. This is a major concern.

Widespread asymptomatic transmission in highly vaccinated nations and the subsequent rise in infectious pressure (due to circulating virus in the midst of the pandemic) is causing infection-mediated immunity in certain subsets of the population to no longer suffice to prevent productive infection. As a result, we are seeing a rise in the global spread of a number of acute, self-limiting microbial infections (e.g., ‘seasonal’ flu, RSV but also vaccine-preventable viral and bacterial infections in countries that interrupted their childhood vax program due to Covid crisis) and also of some acute, self-limiting viral diseases (e.g., monkeypox, potentially pandemic [avian H5N1] flu). In addition, depletion (and immune exhaustion) of cytotoxic CD8+ T-cells due to repetitive cycles of re-infection has also led to an increased recurrence/reactivation rate of chronic infections (e.g., herpetic diseases, CMV, EBV, CMV, HIV, tuberculosis etc.) and relapse or metastasis of certain cancers in vaccinees.

The take home message is this (GVB): ‘Antibody-based vaccines teach the immune system to produce high levels of antibodies that are directed against the surface protein that is responsible for initiation of viral infection. Due to their high specificity and strong binding capacity, these vaccinal antibodies (Abs) outcompete the child’s innate antibodies for binding to the virus.  This not only sidelines virus-neutralization by the natural innate immune system but also hampers the ability of innate antibodies to educate the innate immune system’s NK cells (Natural Killer cells) regarding NK cell recognition of (and appropriate response to) molecular self-mimicking patterns that are expressed on virus-infected host cells. This is particularly problematic when mass vaccination campaigns are conducted during a pandemic as those drive natural selection and dominant expansion of more infectious immune escape variants.’

And if you Dagnone try to argue with me that ‘well, how about not the traditional mRNA vaccine, why not the others’, then I would inform you that it is the spike protein that is the end result of all of these vaccines (even the Novavax) that is the deadly business end and causing harms, deaths, heart myocardial inflammation etc. When we purify spike and administer it without the rest of the viral ball, we still get massive damage to host cells, especially the vascular endothelial lining. The entire vasculature (arteries, veins, capillaries etc.) is lined with an endothelial layer (glycocalyx) and these endothelial cells take up LNP and translate mRNA to spike protein.

Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter
Kim et al.: "A Case Report for Acute Myopericarditis After NVX-CoV2373 (Novavax®) COVID-19 Vaccination"; why do I share this? To show it does not matter which COVID vaccine, the spike is the issue
SOURCE: “Post-vaccination myocarditis after administration of the NVX-CoV2373 coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine has been reported in a limited population. We report the first biopsy-proven case of myopericarditis after administration of second dose of NVX-CoV2373 COVID-19 vaccine (Novavax®) i…
Read more

Now Dagnone, if you were not up on the real science as I suspect you were not, please read:

Source 1:

Source 2:

Source 3:

Source 4:

Source 5:

Source 6:

You attacked and smeared me needlessly and you are an idiot to me, and if I had my way you would be in a jail cell, you and many like you. You know what you did wrong. Thousands of police and military in Canada, border agents etc. (and in America, UK etc.) sit today vaccine injured due to the likes of you, like a loaded gun the poison pills are going to come knocking. Have started. Many thousands have died due to the lockdown lunacy and the fraud COVID injection and many of the best among us will die in time. They know they are vaccine injured on accounts of Kenney and the likes of you and your board and the doctors there. Premier Smith must get justice and have you investigated.

We want Premier Smith to do just this. Clean you out financially and jail many of you for what you did! We will never forget and there will be no amnesty. We seek justice and accountability!

Dagnone, you piece of slime garbage, I did not attack you and I am so disturbed that you took liberties with my name, it is you who attacked me. I now ask you formally to apologize to me in a letter published in the same media for your slander for I will wage media jihad on you and the likes of you for a prison is where you should be if I had my way. I did not interfere with you but you came at me. You slandered me. I request an apology. Now. Openly. Nothing else. I want nothing else for you for life will deal with you. My God will deal with the likes of you. I even reserve the right to sue you for slander and I am registering intent here. I write here harshly for you attacked me and you invoked me. I never wrote about you or called your name and do not care to know you. Please right the wrong you did here.

 SOURCE of media hit on Premier Smith and myself:

‘EDMONTON - A health system leader fired by Premier Danielle Smith has fired back in an open letter, saying her abusive, divisive attacks, blended with “warped” anti-science beliefs, make her a poor excuse for a leader and one literally putting Albertans in harm's way.

“(Albertans) are entitled to governance that is principle-based, respects decency and inspires confidence in its citizens,” Tony Dagnone said in the letter issued Friday.

He was one of 11 members of the governing board of Alberta Health Services recently fired by Smith.

“The current premier defies all those aspirations as she spews wacko accusations at Alberta Health Services and its valued workforce,” he wrote.

The premier has chosen to “play to her misguided followers who rant against science and academic medicine under the veiled guise of freedom,” Dagnone said in the letter.

“Her warped stance on COVID, which I remind the premier was and is a public health issue not a political punching bag, is nothing short of borderline dereliction when the lives of AHS staff and Albertans are at stake,” Dagnone wrote.

“In light of her unhinged public pronouncements, the premier represents the bleakest of role models for women who aspire to be accepted in positions of influence and leadership.

“Why would any self-respecting graduate pursue their health-care vocation in a province led by an anti-science premier?”

Dagnone could not be immediately reached for comment.

He and the other AHS governing board members were fired Thursday by Smith, fulfilling a promise she made in her successful summer campaign to win the leadership of the United Conservative Party and become premier.

The 12th board member, Deborah Apps, quit after Smith won the UCP leadership race in early October, citing concern for the disruption Smith promised to impose on a fragile health system.

Alberta Health Services is the agency of more than 100,000 staff tasked with delivering front-line care in the province.

Smith blamed both AHS and Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the chief medical officer of health, for bad advice and execution in the pandemic, leading to jammed hospital wards and forcing the province to impose freedom-limiting vaccine mandates and passports.

Hinshaw was removed from her job earlier this week.

The board has been replaced by Dr. John Cowell, who is charged with fixing multiple stress points in the system, including surgery wait times, ambulance bottlenecks, doctor shortages and overcrowded emergency wards.

Dagnone, an Order of Canada winner with four decades of work in hospital and health administration, said he has no political affiliations and felt compelled to defend AHS staff.

“I witnessed the extraordinary collective will of our health-care providers confronting the unimaginable COVID,” he wrote.

“All deserve our respect and gratitude, however, the premier chooses instead to vilify those who were saving Albertans.”

Smith spoke Friday at a meeting of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce but declined to speak with reporters. Her office, in a statement, said the province had to take action to address pressing issues in the health system.

“This decision (to fire the board) was not personal, this is about better outcomes for Albertans, and we are grateful for the work done by the AHS board,” reads the statement.

Smith has said there will be no health restrictions or vaccine mandates during future waves of COVID-19. And she has said there will be no mask mandates in schools currently dealing with respiratory viral illnesses that are spiking absentee rates and filling children's hospitals.

Smith has publicly embraced alternative approaches to COVID-19, including herd immunity and the since-debunked COVID-19 treatment ivermectin.

Earlier this month, she announced she wants to hear from Paul Alexander, a controversial critic of mainstream science who has characterized COVID-19 vaccines as “bioweapons.”

“The premier is taking her nonsense to a new level by inviting a former Trump adviser (Alexander) who has been universally scorned for promoting medical quackery,' wrote Dagnone.

“If (she) persists in vocalizing false, conspiratorial and unfounded claims, she will be responsible for putting health-care providers and Albertans needlessly in harm's way.

“Her loose and corrosive words appear to satisfy her need for bizarre musings that can and will ultimately impact people's lives.”

NDP health critic David Shepherd, responding to Dagnone's letter, echoed the concerns.

“(Smith) will continue to blame health-care workers for the current state of care while taking no responsibility herself for the impact of the dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories she promotes,” Shepherd said.

“Her reckless politicization of our public health-care system will make it harder to recruit and retain health professionals and for Albertans to access care.”


Dear Readers,

I also embed this short piece on The Wellness Company and The UNITY Project.

First, The Wellness Company.

I am proud to announce a unique partnership with The Wellness Company and everyone who believes in medical freedom. My dear and esteemed colleagues Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch are also in partnership with The Wellness Company which provides telemedicine services for long-haul COVID, vaccine injury, and medical exemptions along with supplements and products that are fully aligned with our values. This support for The Wellness Company stems from the sub-optimal medical care and response that we experienced throughout the pandemic. It became apparent that there are many glaring gaps in our healthcare system and people were not properly treated. Thus, the pivot by us to support The Wellness Company. Take a stand against a broken healthcare delivery system with a membership in The Wellness Company, which directly funds our fight against medical tyranny. Click here The Wellness Company for more information. 

I also provide scientific support to The UNITY Project out of California. I support this tremendous initiative with some fine colleagues who have been warriors in the fight against all the wrongs in COVID. The UNITY Project aligns with my core values for it is very fierce in its fight to protect children from the danger of the largely safety untested COVID gene injection (The Unity Project Formed by Concerned Parents to Coordinate Opposition to California's K-12 COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate).