First, it’s the VACCINE, stupid! Nigeria vs Japan as to COVID cases & deaths, now; look at rates, look at vaccine rates; why do you think Nigeria looks like this re COVID & Japan looks like that?

by Paul Alexander

Why do other African nations look same as Nigeria? Look at South Africa data below too. Niger? India made a serious mistake turning to vaccine after it withstood so well with early/prophylactic drugs.

Did African nations like Nigeria, poorer, not taking the vaccine, did they actually buy time for the immune system to be properly developed, for the innate immunity (innate antibodies) in kids to be developed? For the training of the natural killer cells (NK cells) of the innate immune system to be trained to properly clear out virus? To differentiate self from non-self components? Did African nations actually WIN? I say YES!

Stay strong Africa, none of these fraud COVID vaccines, NONE!