Five devastating aspects of the COVID gene injection today (mRNA & DNA platforms): 1)causes adverse effects 2)original antigen sin, immune imprinting, tolerance 3)subverts innate antibodies driving

by Paul Alexander

auto-immune disease 4)drives emergence of infectious variants due to selective pressure on the antigen 5)causes the vaccinated to become infected with risk of illness, hospitalization and death

Five devastating aspects of the COVID gene injection today (mRNA & DNA platforms):

i)There are significant adverse effects from the COVID gene injection (mRNA & DNA platforms)

ii)There is clear evidence that the COVID gene injection (mRNA & DNA platforms) drives original antigenic sin, viral immune escape, and immune fixation, priming; We are seeing clear evidence of original antigenic sin (I call the sin ‘mortal’ given there is no reversal of the initial primed response), viral immune escape, immune tolerance, immune fixation/prejudicing/imprinting. There is also the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (and of disease) and pathogenic priming (

iii)There is substantial risk that the antigen-specific ‘high-affinity’ vaccine induced antibodies subvert and sideline, outcompete the broadly protective lower-affinity innate antibodies of the naïve innate immune system of the young child that needs training and education as the maternal antibodies wane. This sets the child up for auto-immune disease as the training to recognize ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ (& nuances self-like, self-mimicking) components in the child is subverted (this involves sub-optimal training of the natural killer cells (NK))

iv)The sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies in the teeth of a pandemic when there is constant elevated infectious pressure drives natural selection (selective) pressure to select for more infectious sub-variants and a potentially more lethal virulent one

v)The vaccine induced antibodies are giving the virus infectivity properties it prior did not have, causing the vaccinated to become infected, with increased illness, hospitalization, and death; the vaccinated no longer could contribute to herd immunity and are transmitting virus to other vaccinated as well as unvaccinated persons; See Fantini et al (Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?)