Five(5) discussions I was involved in that will stun you, the nation, the world, 4 at HHS in Washington; good news is POTUS Trump emerges in tact as he should; I have shared it with close aids

by Paul Alexander

I did this for safety, for my/our and I have struggled for the last 6 months how to share 3 and now a 4th now on deck; I think I have decided now, that I have safeguarded it to ensure it is known

In all, Trump was not the malfeasant, he was the aggressed upon by the malfeasants; my decision is because it is the type of information we should know as people, one layer or dimension, and if I or anyone has information, ever, or details that impacts humanity, the society, then it is imperative we sanitize it with light. I have tried via the science and my writings to inform you, but as we look around, the other side will not stop and these vaccines must be stopped as they have failed and are not properly safe.

Trump actually was a good person, great for the nation and intentions, he was just overwhelmed by sick dirty malfeasant people around with their own agendas; he trusted and he was hurt by those placed around him. This was a great POTUS, and you must judge him based on 1 year, the 3rd.

It is to come, my sharing. I had to work out safety first. I am working out with close aids how to share, what to share, and what else I have decided to share.