"Flip-flop Fauci (FFF)" is at it again: pandemic is over one day & back on the next; the nonsense he speaks cloaked as science is breath-taking; can he explain 'full-blown explosive pandemic phase'?

by Paul Alexander

The verbal diarrhea by Fauci (FFF) is astounding, I mean, can he explain if there is such a thing as a low-grade or 'minor' or 'low-level' pandemic? What idiocy & garbage & nonsense, what absurdity

This guy just talks nonsense, and no one in the media or the scientists challenge him and asks him for data or evidence to substantiate his statements. I mean, he is only matched for idiocy and junk science by Rachel Wajinsky and Amita Jah. You know who I mean. Ding dong 1 and now the new addition ding dong 2. Three peas in a pod. Well, I can actually invoke some dimwits in the Trump administration Task Force but that’s another stack. But can he, FFF, explain to us what this means:

“The United States is finally “out of the full-blown explosive pandemic phase”…I mean, did he think before he said this? Is there any other type of pandemic but a full blown one? Is there a half-baked pandemic? A gentle one? You cannot have a low-grade or minor pandemic. The mere mention of the term ‘pandemic’ explains the seriousness and it really tells us this was never ever a pandemic in the first place. He is tripping up on the truth.

Fauci Source 1, pandemic over:

Fauci on why we are out of the pandemic phase

Fauci Source 2, pandemic back on:

U.S. no longer in ‘full-blown’ pandemic phase, Fauci says

What the hell does “a deceleration of the numbers into hopefully a more controlled phase and endemicity.” Again, the stupidity. Does he think we are CDC or NIH or FDA idiots? Did he not get the memo that the public is way adept and in tuned and conversant on the science, more than the CDC and NIH blockheads, and definitely the FDA ding dongs. Is a ‘controlled phase’ and ‘endemicity’ not the same thing where there is equilibrium and the R 0 (R naught) is below 1?

Hold on to your britches, he is coming soon with the BA.4 and BA.5 omicron sub-variants to scare you to boost and to inject your child, him knowing the data shows if anything, infectiousness and no indications of more severity. Hold on, they are winding him up as we speak, with the blinker Dr. Amita Jah.