Florida's Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, he is my friend, maybe one of the smartest genuine people you will meet, advocate for early treatment, pure evidence driven, leader, protector of children

by Paul Alexander

He has the cahones like church bells, to stand up, he has been all along, even before DeSantis tapped him, media attacked him all long, silencing and cancelling but he is kicking in teeth, I love it!

Between DeSantis, Ladapo, and the AG Moody, Florida seems to be the place to be.

Ladapo knows full well:

1). Natural immunity is robust, durable, long-lasting, superior to vaccinal immunity

2). Early treatment works, cuts hospitalization and death risk by near 90% when used in the 2 week window

3). Vaccines are no longer effective at preventing COVID, infection, replication, transmission, and are not properly safe and have never been properly safety tested

4). Vaccines do cause serious issues with myocarditis and other neurological issues

see media SOURCE:

Florida ‘Puts Data Over Ideology’ in Opposing COVID-19 Vaccines for Young Children: State’s Surgeon General

“Florida is defending its decision not to preorder COVID-19 vaccines for young children or vaccinating them, after drawing criticism from the White House.

“Did the COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids <5 show a reduction in severe illness? Did the trials show a benefit for those with a prior COVID-19 infection? Is there a benefit for kids with no pre-existing conditions?” wrote Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo on Twitter on June 18. Ladapo also serves as the state’s health secretary.

He added: “Florida puts data over ideology. That’s not going to change.”

Days earlier, he explained his rationale for not supporting the idea of vaccinating young kids.

“From what I have seen, there is just insufficient data to inform benefits and risk in children. I think that’s very unequivocal,” he said while speaking to reporters in Tallahassee.

In early June, the Biden administration started a preordering system, making available 10 million vaccines for young children to states, Native American tribes, territories, and other entities. On June 16, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that Florida is the only state to  not preorder the vaccine doses….

Also on June 16, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that local doctors and hospitals can get the vaccines, but “there’s not going to be any state programs that are going to be trying to get COVID jabs to infants and toddlers and newborns.”

“Our Department of Health has been very clear: The risks outweigh the benefits and we recommend against,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis added that young children have “practically zero risks” of COVID-19 complications, before calling clinical trial data on kids “abysmal.”