FLOTUS Jill Biden tests positive for COVID despite 4 mRNA Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations at the least! It tells you not only the lockdowns was lunacy but the mRNA technology shots were a fraud & all

by Paul Alexander

involved knew it! FLOTUS must use nasal oral washes (povidone iodine 10% diluted or hydrogen peroxide etc.) and ventilate the White House, and they should monitor lungs for antibotics use

'Jill Biden: US first lady tests positive for Covid-19'; shows complete failure of fraud mRNA technology COVID vaccine (at least 4 shots Pfizer etc); I wish her full recovery; She is high-risk if has

No lockdowns, no school closures, no mask mandates, NOTHING is needed for as from March 2020, all these CDC and NIH and HHS and Health Canada morons did was ineffective and deadly; just strongly protect the vulnerable like FLOTUS and use anti-infectives, vitamin D3, nasal oral rinces, NO vaccine, it will kill her!