Flu shots DO NOT work; see the charts this year from CDC on vaccine effectiveness (VE) against influenza A and A/H3N2 among patients aged 6 months and older, US Flu VE, 2021–22; VE ranges 8-14%; FAILS

by Paul Alexander

see last 2 right columns (source 1), this is CDC's own report (Grohskopf); the FDA is coming at us with the corrupted FDA's 'Future Framework', be warned, all further COVID vaxx approved automatically

It’s hit and miss with the yearly flu shot and I am not you clinician, and this is always a decision with you and your doctor, I am only sharing thoughts and data, but the flu shot is essentially junk, the process it is decided upon, for a mutating unstable (mutable) set of viruses, it can never ever provide a shot that would cover the dominant strain this year, and the process is more about making money, most money. Not devising a shot that works. It’s junk. Same reason why we do not have a vaccine for the common cold as well as HIV. It is near impossible to make given the highly mutable concerns. Same for this SARS-CoV-2 virus that evolves rapidly (especially via the sub-optimal immune pressure on the antigen target that drives selection pressure and consequent immune escape), and as you know the past studies to develop a vaccine failed, where the animals near all died.

By trying to vaccinate (mass vaccinate) using a non-neutralizing vaccine into an ongoing epidemic/pandemic as we did and continue to do with these failed COVID injections, with massive infectious pressure (circulating virus) and massive mounting sub-optimal mass population host ‘immune pressure’ that is imperfect, immature, not fully developed, then we are at the mercy of the following:

1)driving evolution of variants that are highly infectious that overcome the sub-optimal host immune pressure; this is viral immune escape, and this is due to the worthless non-neutralizing high-affinity vaccinal antibodies that are incapable of neutralizing the virus yet can still bind to the spike antigen (thus blocking the potent low-affinity sterilizing innate antibodies from binding; it is the innate antibodies and to some extent the acquired-adaptive immunity that can sterilize the virus)

2)the constantly evolving and emerging variants could also manifest into a highly virulent lethal variant (GVB explains that the protection from severe disease we are currently seeing in the lower respirator tract could be overcome shortly given the sub-optimal pressure on the spike; in simple, this has to do with prevention of transfection from infected cells to non-infected cells deep inside the lungs and the then formation of syncytia that is correlated with severe disease, and also the binding of the non-neutralizing antibodies not to the receptor binding domain epitopes but on a conserved site called the N-terminal domain; I will write more)

3)Original antigenic sin (OAS) that I have written about prior and renamed mortal antigenic sin given the initial exposure or prejudice or priming is life long to the antigen or similar antigens

4)Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), some call it antibody-mediated viral enhancement, some say pathogenic priming, but all the same, as we are seeing in the present set of COVID vaccines, the vaccinal antibodies can bind to the virus’s spike yet cannot neutralize and we have seen work by Yahi et al. and others showing that in this binding yet non-neutralization, this increases the infectiousness of the virus and explains why the vaccinated person is now getting infected.

Yahi et al. Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?

And there are risks to the flu vaccine (like all vaccines or drugs you take, there is always risk that you must or should consider) and the risks IMO likely outweigh any benefit. The data below should show you. Again, talk to your doctor but if in my sharing, I could inform you, and maybe help you make better decisions and save lives, then this is all I seek.

Because as in the lockdowns lunacy we lived the last 2 years, governments and we cede to the public health people, these technocrats, for we ‘trusted’ them, we thought they wanted to ‘do good by us’, yet we have really ceded to inept, corruptible, incompetent, illogical, absurd, non-sensical, scientifically unsound, stupid, academically sloppy technocrats and bureaucrats yearly. Same for our governments, a bunch of moronic craven inept nut jobs who only wish to do their ‘pensionable time’. I said ‘trusted’ for a reason. I hope after what these egg heads, these blowhard sycophantic politically biased government technocrats and bureaucrats, these ding dongs did to us the last 2 years with their lockdown lunacy, these never ending ‘sucking on the tax payer’s treasury teats’ people, that you too use the term ‘trusted’.



What is the ‘Future Framework’?

It is a regulatory process that is devastating whereby the FDA will approve all future COVID vaccines with no clinical trials, as long as they are shown to be similar e.g. biologically. Why? Because we are on to them, I, Malone, Trozzi, Ladapo, Urso, McCullough, Tenenbaum, Rose, Risch, Kirsch et al., we are writing, talking, rallying, and showing the ineptness of Pfizer, Moderna, all of it’s scientists, it’s CEO’s, the FDA scientists, the CDC scientists. They cannot allow anymore their ineptness and some argue malfeasance to go noticed so now will hide it with this ‘Future Framework’ bull shit. Any new vaccines will be regarded and approved as ‘safe and effective’ once they are said to be similar likely in formulation or mechanism etc. As we learn more we will share but this is the framework (Coles notes) and it is scientific regulatory garbage and the FDA plans to meet and approve this in a week or so.

Be warned! It goes from garbage reckless regulatory processes and science by FDA, CDC, and NIH to nightmarish ones!