For Trump to win, he has to get back supporters he lost; to do that, Trump must understand this, he must fess up & admit to the failure of Fauci & Birx lockdown (he allowed) & failure of the COVID jab

by Paul Alexander

He is not a scientist & relied on people who deceived & misled him; he gobbled up the initial possible successful outcome; but that was never to come! We told them all this! They did not listen!

He needs to man up and admit to the failures of the lockdowns and school closures and business closures and the pains and death they caused, and in so doing, he will realize how forgiving people can be! The people just want the truth and something devastating happened under him. As to the COVID injections, same. The COVID gene injections were doomed from the start and enough people are experiencing the harms and deaths from these vaccines and he needs to open his eyes and open his mouth to say the right thing right now, being that these vaccines are harmful especially to children, and the entire mass vaccination push has to stop! I and a few like McCullough and Yeadon and Vanden Bossche and Risch and Naomi Wolf and Oskoui have told them this well over one year now, even before the jabs. I told them while in the Trump administration 6 months before the vaccine was rolled out and moves were made by the FDA and Fauci to have me terminated.

But we will not stop, we know the harms and want the public informed as Fauci and Walensky and Francis Collins and Albert Bourla and Bancel do not care if you are harmed! They have shown this as they have the same data I am relying on.