Foreign Aid: where does it go? I will bet you anything, most of the aid is in the form of kickback schemes, people in our governments get money and the receiving government, in their pockets; thieves!

by Paul Alexander

This has been a scam, and these hubris laden, arrogant, putrid media and people pontificate and tell us we must 'help' while they decimate our borders & bring in drugs; these are thieves

Foreign aid is a ponzi ‘get rich’ slush fund scheme and we must investigate at some point and go back decades even and check all administrations e.g. Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, even Trump, Biden’s for sure, go back further and jail people who stole tax payer money. It occurs everywhere and I challenge you to show me one nation, that has shown any improvement after decades of our tax dollars…show me one! You cannot. Our money went into the pocket of politicians that you keep re-electing. Challenge me on that anyone!