Former COVID gene injection vaccine shill Dr. Nicole Saphier of FOX is now back in my good books, NOW following the data, big praise, excellent, calling out Dr. Peter Marks of FDA risking young people

by Paul Alexander

para 'No reason to recommend bivalent booster; 2 years ago we were showing that COVID injection (mRNA) was ineffective & harmful, you were WRONG then, good you are reading the data now! Thanks, praise

‘VRBAC: Signal detected for increased myocarditis/pericarditis following bivalent booster among 18-35 year olds, similar to old vaccine. There is no reason to recommend a booster in healthy younger individuals, to do so is negligent.’

Nice work Nicole! Thanks for standing up, so please go tell that FOX vaccine shill Marc Siegel to stop talking his vaccine garbage. Oh, what is that you asked, do you tell same to Cavuto? No, he is a lost cause. Forget about him.

It seems that Peter Marks of the FDA is gone complete AWOL, now completely oblivious of any real data or science, not reading anything that is available to him for his decisions now especially on the bivalent booster do not make any sense. My read of the body of evidence today shows that it is all risk and no benefit for the bivalent boosters and particularly in young persons and in young men. Marks is risking the lives of young people so that Pfizer and Moderna can make money. I can arrive at no other conclusion. This is about greed and power now. A dark agenda IMO. I am open to any schooling on this.

Marks is one that must also be investigated in time, properly, with fair balanced legal hearings to assess if he is compromised by pharma. No doubt these people are and to varying degrees, in the bag, so to speak, the issue is to ‘what’ extent and did their decisions allow them benefit and gain in some manner, and did the decisions cause deaths of people, healthy innocent people. That he will need answer to in a proper inquiry. What he is doing now makes no sense and does not align with any of the available data and science.