FOX news and CNN competing to who can lie and mislead and spread misinformation the most...when FOX and CNN are saying the same thing, then we are in serious trouble; I have cancelled FOX

by Paul Alexander

And HANNITY, good God, I liked the guy but its 'I' & 'I' & 'I' over and over and he is spreading so much crap and war mongering...come on Sean, calm down and lets just give news and let people think

Et Tu FOX? Turn off FOX…it's garbage now.

I am hearing of child sex trafficking in Ukraine…is this true? where is FOX on that? of Ukraine being a global money launderer…is this true? Of Ukraine labs doing coronavirus research? Is this true? There is so much I want to understand about Ukraine. So much the media is saying that we need clarifications on but has huge implications if 50% true. I am hearing of government officials and their children and friends making millions off of bogus contracts in Ukraine across decades? Is it really a piggy bank for corruption? Give me the sugar and the lemon all at once so I can understand. The media must stop lying to us.

Hhhhmmmm, something is not right with this media comparison below…am I that stupid? Are you that stupid? It is insane and similar, and assumes your stupidity that Kyrie Irving of the Nets can enter the locker room as a ‘visitor’ but not as a ‘player’, yeah right, the virus knows the difference. This below by CNN is same, tells you that they think you are a moron as the listener, and the warped crooked world we live in and how these corrupted people think we are idiots:


The insane issue is all the news is saying the same thing and want me to worship Zelensky…why? I had no opinion on him prior and have none now and who the hell are you to want to slander me because I say this, that I am not a worshiper of him or Putin…what Putin has done here cannot be defended and it is horrible and brutal and we pray for the souls of those killed.

But today I care about my family and what COVID did to them, about the crooked public health officials who lied about all things COVID and the vaccines and costed lives and vaccinated my police and military with an unsafe vaccine that threatens their lives in the future, I care about the inflation that is 8% higher over February, highest in 40 years, about my borders that these leaders do not protect yet say I am wrong for questioning their warped dangerous open border policies, I care about my borders, my streets where crime is out of control and innocent people getting killed, I care about the black on black crime that kills 90% of blacks in inner cities and in Chicago and when the politicians do not care about these beautiful lives, I care about the price of gas that the black SUV driven politicians don't care about as they guzzle tax payer gas. They laugh at our concerns.

…It can't be right...they want us to go to war, this could be a nuclear war, its that serious so these people, the neocon war mongers are very insane and have no idea what they are saying. Of course not, they don't care about the price of gas as they all drive around tax paid black SUVs with our tax money paying for the gas. So they do not care and this is why we punish them at the polls, the ballot box. We settle it there. We d o not forget this, including COVID.

If China decides to stand now with Russia openly and they could, do you understand the implications? Do you understand the implications if any of our weapons shoot down a Russian plane or soldier? How fast this can be cluster f**cked? Vlad already said he will take this to mean your nation if you supply weapons and it shoots his military. Why are we not taking this man seriously? He has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world, like the US. Did we forget ‘MAD, mutually assured destruction’? We are to work to deter, not prime us for a possible nuclear war and what we are doing now will do this. We need to tell Lindsey to shut up and folk like him, shut to hell up! And work to get direct talks urgently and solve this now with direct talks. Help give Putin and Zelensky each a Golden Bridge to exit off of (Sun Tzu). Help end this, not ramp it up. No one knows what will happen next.

I still say, this did not need to get here, by the time this is done, Ukraine will be flat. Where will the people be this coming winter? Which house will they live in? Is this for western companies and lobbyists to make big money ‘rebuilding’? Can someone spell cough cough ** Clinton Foundation cough cough** etc.?