FOX News helped steal Trump's election night victory 2020; we remain angry with Trump over lockdowns & harms from the COVID fraud shots, hopefully he fixes this; but he WON! He pulled it off! we saw!

by Paul Alexander

Trump has to fix the damage the lockdowns did and the vaccine, it happened under him! He failed to fire Fauci and Birx. He has to fix it. Many of his strongest supporters are on the fence due to this.

We must solve all at the ballot box and courts, and civilly, and legally, and peacefully, always! I will always say this but something bad went on election night, and Trump failed to have lawyers on the ground to stop the counting and the madness! Laura Ingraham was right, he stumbled there. I agree with her. He was flat footed and if he knew ahead of time, he should have been prepared but not even us could believe he could go from sure victory midnight election night to loss the next day (s). I/we do not know exactly what happened but madness took place and we move on but they best be careful thinking they can steal twice. We will lock it up in courts. We will win next time peacefully and civilly.

Some say Trump is the most powerful ex-President ever! Can move millions and not even Obama or Bush or Clinton could. Is this true? Some say people must be very careful now as he has a near 100 million standing army, made up of active & veteran military, police, God fearing lawful Americans armed to their teeth; willing to defend the constitution and defend him; whispers are to be careful with what they try to do to Trump. I do not know, is this true? Does he have a 100 million army of armed supporters?

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