FOX News, it is thrilling to watch & actually perverse that FOX News who we thought was a vanguard of accurate news & no bias yet with CNN helped push the COVID vaccine using Siegal, Cavuto et al.,

by Paul Alexander

now running to the hills TRYING to make you think they were always sounding the COVID alarm; I have appeared on FOXS many times with McCullough, Oskoui, Risch etc. now may be banned; FOX is corrupted

Does not bother me if I am banned from FOX, they are not immune to that censorship, they have done it before yet the facts are the facts that FOX corruptibly and wrongfully helped spread inaccurate false information on the COVID mRNA technology shots via Siegel, Saphire, Cavuto et al. for way too long and may have helped harm people; they too should be investigated and we know they got money from the government etc. to help promote the fraud vaccine. It is impressive the gymnastics FOX et al. does to re-write history but we got the tapes, FOX, we got the tapes. Hell, FOX even turned on POTUS Trump from time to time, pending on the polls, the money they got etc. Money money money.