FOX should be boycotted, it's a fraud & corrupted, FOX continues to shill for fraud dangerous COVID injections (Siegal, Hannity, Saphire, Cavuto etc.), took HHS money to spread VAX lies; Bre Morello

by Paul Alexander

ask Breanna Morello how she was treated by FOX, how she was threatened to take the vaccine and how they moved to take her salary because she said no; Tucker is now questioning but 'almost too late'

“Many people at Fox were upset. Nobody wants to talk about it,” Breanna Morello told David and Stacey Whited at “But the company did take HHS money and in fact did force us to comply with the vaccine mandates that were already deemed illegal by the Supreme Court when Brain-Dead Biden tried implanting them.”

She noted Tucker Carlson is finally starting to question the official, pro-vaccine government narrative, but says it’s “almost too late.”

“I can only speak to what we went through, and they gave us hell for this. So, I’m glad he’s speaking out now, I know that this isn’t gonna sit well with the executives.”