France's Macron Shocked as Le Pen’s Party Makes Huge Gains; this is tremendous news, I like it; why? because these globalist malfeasants let the wolf in, destroying Europe, raping its women

by Paul Alexander

I will remind you again of Bataclan, I will remind you such a wolf acted in Canada and used a truck/van and ran over many people and killed 10 in Toronto, & Edmonton Abdulahi Hasan Sharif

The wolf must be stopped, no more wolves into our peaceful nations, our women must be safe again. Those inside, get them out. Go ask Sweden about the wolf and what the wolf does to her daughters? Ask them. Sweden became the rape capital of the world due to the wolf. Read the media properly. Ask the European people. Ask Danish women.

Remember what the wolf did in the US?

First Photo of Female San Bernardino Shooter Tashfeen Malik

If Le Pen can right France and fix that once beautiful nation, then I wish her well. Right, left, once you love nation, then power to you.

SOURCE: Macron Shocked as Le Pen’s Party Makes Huge Gains

This is the wolf.


Man charged with 5 counts of attempted murder for Edmonton attacks

“The incident began Saturday when a Chevrolet Malibu plowed into a police crowd-control barricade, striking Const. Mike Chernyk and sending him five metres into the air. The driver got out and stabbed the officer repeatedly, then ran off…"If we hadn't pursued this vehicle, in light of the use of the car earlier to run over a police officer, and the history of large vehicle attacks in Germany, Spain and other European countries, the outcome would have been much worse," Cardoso said.

Four pedestrians suffered injuries ranging from "broken arms to brain bleeds," police Chief Rod Knecht said during Sunday's police news conference.

Two pedestrians have since been released from hospital. Two remain in hospital, one in serious condition, Talbot said Monday. 

Chernyk, 48, was treated for stab wounds to his head and face and abrasions on his arms. The 11-year veteran of the force has since been released from hospital. 

Sharif, a Somali refugee, was investigated in 2015 for allegedly espousing extremist views, but investigators said there was insufficient evidence for an arrest and decided he was not a national security threat.”


Toronto van attack: Minassian guilty of killing 10 people