Francis Collins, Fauci, Birx, Azar et al., the American 'MANDARIN' LOUTEA class, these deepstate entrenched putrid banal feral MANDARINS conspired & used the PCR manufactured COVID pandemic

by Paul Alexander

to topple Trump & they did, with their mischief at the ballot box & there was some in this election & the collaterol damage from lockdowns, it was near impossible for Trump to win, they set him up

The MANDARINS of modern day America, plotting for 50 to 60 years for this day…Trump trusted the MANDARINS but they knew their roles was to topple him, and they did! The lockdowns hurt him bad and the vaccine, even though it came out after him, the public knew something was wrong with it…the entire OWS program! and he brought OWS…he has to explain this fully.