Fraud COVID non pandemic via a fraud over-cycled (beyond 24 amplification cycles) 'false-positive' PCR process was used to topple POTUS Trump (using Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins), to steal our freedom

by Paul Alexander

to take liberties, paid people to sit at home & they capped it off with granny declared false positive, sedated (midazolam, morphine), DNR orders, Remdesivir (kidney, liver toxic), deadly ventilator

She was denied treatment, no antibiotics given when she had pneumonia and headed to sepsis (death), more toxic drugs pumped into her, as she was isolated in the COVID protocol and malnouriched and dehydrated, and circling the drain of death, capped off with being intubated on the ventilator that blew up her lungs. The morons could not even operate the ventilators and they blew holes in her lungs that was already under huge trauma.

That is what this COVID fraud non-pandemic was all about. Moroever, the deadly ineffective mRNA vaccine itself is driving the variants to emerge (Darwinian natural selection pressure, original antigenic sin, immune fixation/priming, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI), viral immune escape etc. all acting in this disastrous vaccine roll-out) and thus a system is now in place where this, whatever it is, will not end for 100 years!

To topple Trump and many groups jumped on to use the fraud pandemic as Trump was subverted. Yes, this is a bioweapon, the resulting mRNA technology based gene injection and we must investigate them all and hold them accountable if shown to have caused deaths. Have no mercy on anyone who killed people as part of the COVID fraud, it was all a lie, 100% of it!

If proper juries and judges in courts say that the death penalty must be on the table, I say place it there and impose it. If shown they killed people, then death penalty to be considered.