FRAUD of Biden administration & COVID: "Biden administration extends COVID-19 public health emergency declaration"; why? so that you can keep vaccine & mask mandates in place? POWER drunk?

by Paul Alexander

If to have mandates you needed an emergency declaration & we know clearly the vaccine does not provide any societal benefit as DOES NOT stop transmission, then NO need for emergency powers!

Infections, cases, deaths are falling and flat. Deaths flat. Why? All mandates must be stopped for the masks did not work and it is over. Moreover, the vaccine has failed to neutralize the virus and does not stop infection or transmission. No societal benefit, just a personal individual one, if you want it.

So mandates have no purpose and this is just power-drunk MAD crazy people and they may well use this for election purposes if it looks like it is a wipeout.

Stay tuned, bottom line is no emergency powers are needed because the vaccine is failed and must not be mandated. You do not mandate a failed thing. It does not work and does not provide the benefit or gain that a mandate would be in place for.