Funeral business e.g. Service Corporation International is going gang busters! I wonder why? Deaths are way down due to COVID (peaked in 2021); so why this huge growth? sshh, it's the vaccine, stupid!

by Paul Alexander

Could the rise is deaths & the gains in the funeral industry be tied to the deaths due to the COVID gene injection? I say yes! I say argue otherwise, show me your evidence! It's the vaccine, stupid!

These companies are even more bullish than ever, even projecting huge growth in coffin sales, plots, cremations, the whole thing. I wonder why?

Truth be told is they did nothing unusual, they created nothing unusual, nothing unusual happened to the US except COVID…but importantly, in spite of plunging deaths due to COVID etc., we did see exploding deaths post vaccine and we see how this has translated into huge profits for the funeral industry. Yes, we know that many died due to the lockdowns and delayed medical treatment etc. But it is the deaths due to the vaccine that is very worrisome and devastating yet some sectors of the society have thrived! They could say it’s due to an aging population aka demographic tailwind, and try to suggest a host of reasons but we think it is something else! They can speculate that the pull-forward impact will diminish in 2022 and 2023 and I say no, it will pick up due to the vaccine’s deadly effects. It’s the vaccine, stupid!




Just look at the presentation and the share price and predictions from SCI in a recent share holder meeting, just a couple of months ago: