Gain-of-Function (GoF) research & Fauci & China; Senator Josh Hawley takes them apart & exposes Fauci; noose is tightening around those who did this wrong; IMO deliberate COVID attack on US homeland

by Paul Alexander

I believe Francis Collins (NIH), Fauci (NIAID) & others deliberately funded GoF & deliberately developed this & deliberately had some role in release into the US; I think sick dark people attacked US

I have said before, bring Fauci and Francis Collins and Albert Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna) to a courtroom, proper public inquiries, and investigate, interrogate, separately, and if it is shown they did wrong with COVID lockdown lunacy and these COVID injections, we strip them of all monies and jail them all, these 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I will throw in 2 additional horsemen, namely Walensky and Birx. Jail them all if shown wrong was done and lives were lost as a result! We are a good governance society and so we have proper inquiries but God help me, if it is shown these malfeasants costed lives recklessly, I want then sitting is a jail doing deep time! Punish them harshly for this COVID lie! This vaccine slow kill!

SARS-CoV-2 did not enter humans due to natural spill over, this was a deliberate manufacture in lab. Natural spillover (zoonoses jump from animals to humans) was a lie! The Lancet article was a lie, written and put out by the ones involved, shame on LANCET! They juiced this virus up. GoF research is rapid and easy and more within reach than vaccine research, more money to be made and fast so they use it. IMO, this research was developing weapons of mass destruction, bioweapons. Come on, say it, weapons for the battle field and to be used nefariously when needed. They had a reason in deck. It was called ‘TRUMP’ and a busting US economy taking down CCP. Recall Trump had China by the short and curlies December 2019 January 2020. A momentum was beginning. Issue is it was used on the US. Real question is: why? Was it really to topple Trump? To destroy the US economy or stumble it? So many dark questions. Lots of implications. We may not like to know in time who was involved and why.

COVID virus was deliberately manufactured and deliberately released into the US. I believe it was a virus on tap awaiting a pandemic and they did this. I do not know exactly all players and the like but I am sure 98% there. The COVID genome is clearly manipulated via GoF research. I have spoken to highest level WHO officials who told me clearly they were 100% convinced it was lab manufactured and deliberately released, a ‘deliberate accident’. I have spoken to NIH and CDC officials confidentially at HHS who told me in their opinion, it was deliberate release and was manufactured in the lab in Wuhan. Yes, other aspects also, no doubt. Not just Wuhan. Many other players.

Start with Fauci and Francis Collins.