Gain-of-function (GoF) research has no place or role in our society, under no condition; it is too dangerous to conduct, and often lack the biosafety labs, and by accident or deliberate, can devastate

by Paul Alexander

Look at what has occurred with COVID, whether this was deliberate or an accident, it is clear all those in GoF must be examined, questioned, and held to account; I think this was a deliberate release

Deliberately manufactured to be used nefariously ‘at some point’, and whether the point in time was now, we will need to figure this out but it is clear shady sinister bad public health, government, and researchers and others involved were up to some kind of no good. They cannot simply all be that moronic and stupid. Something stinks to high heavens and many things were done wrong here. Why? Who? Juicing up, ginning up virus this way, gaining them the infectivity and possible lethality function makes no sense in modern society or any society. The explanations given e.g. to study its utility and response if in case it is used by other bad actors is BS; we could study that without manipulating virus this way.