Gas prices record high, stocks fall, retirement accounts plummet, borders breached, massive street crime, cost of living sky rockets; BIDEN's train wreck; he/DEMS are destroying America

by Paul Alexander

Greatest ocean liner, the star ship 'USA' is still steaming across the oceans but is taking on water, fast, turbulence, do we send out a SOS? Do we abandon ship? I say NO, never, she is worth saving

We never abandon ship on the USA, we fight and we bail water and we plug holes and we steady her, for she will remain the greatest ship on the high seas, none like her. The Biden government though is relentless in destroying the USA, the mighty ship USA. The reality is that America survived the 60s and it was grim and I think we can here but the damage is piling up. Is there a way that we can fix this now? Would we be electing RINOs and sell outs and enemies ‘within’ again in November who are no different as they were under Paul ‘Benedict Arnold’ Ryan?

Now more than ever we need a TRUMP; or a Ron DeSantis, NOW! Is Ron the answer? Man, he looks mighty attractive. Can we wait? NO, and we do not need an EFF IN war with Russia, no 40 billion $ and more to Ukraine, FIX our nation, our baby formula, our people, our safety, our streets…EFF IN first.

Close our borders NOW! Only legal immigration UNTIL! Proper vetted assessed people.

These are my opinions. Yours?