Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, what a blatant stupid moron! What a dangerous idiot for the messages he is sending; this dimwit took 4 COVID shots May 18th, then May 27th, tests positive

by Paul Alexander

The ding dong, goes on to tell people after 4 jabs & testing positive, to go get vaccinated; he says he has mild symptoms, so means vax does NOT work to cut symptoms; starts Paxlovid

Newsom’s tweet shows you how these people are so out of step and uninformed and run to the podium and actually could be harmful for people follow the crap they say. It is ok to not be informed on things. Hell, there is lots I do not know. But he is in leadership and he is not thinking. You are telling us you took 4 shots, they did not work, and I am grateful for the NON working shots, the failed shots, so you the public go get your shots. What a dolt!

He is dangerous for he is telling us to take the shot when it is clear it fails and you get infected post shot. In fact, you could get very ill as per UK, Scottish, Danish etc. data that the 2nd and 3rd shot could end in severe illness, hospitalization, and even death with increasing age. Our data show that 50 years and above with 2nd and 3rd shot, you are at elevated risk of illness and severe outcome, mRNA vaccine. Newsom is in that risk group. He should now be on our protocol e.g. FLCCC or McCullough to mitigate risk post shot.

He takes 4 shots yet gets infected. So vax fails to stop infection and actually as I and Geert and other experts have been saying, the non-neutralizing vax facilitates and enhances infection in the vaccinated whereby the mRNA induced vaccinal antibodies (Abs) bind to the infectiousness of the virus e.g. the virus’s spike (RBD) yet does not neutralize/eliminate the virus and enhances infection of host cell (upper respiratory tract).

He then tells us he has symptoms, so Pfizer and FDA lied to us to tell us the vaccine reduces symptoms. Thats what they and Walensky and Fauci said. Go get it, it reduces symptoms. Somehow it did not for Gavin. The egg head then tells us to go take a vaccine after his 4 shots failed and he now has symptoms. He then tells us he is on Paxlovid, and we know Paxlovid (Pfizer) causes rebound COVID and has serious problems especially with drug-drug interactions. Taking Paxlovid means he does not even trust the vaccine to mitigate his symptoms. That is the issue. So in other words, Gavin is showing us every aspect of this vaccine is a failure. The drug Paxlovid is a failure. All of it!


Governor Gavin Newsom gets COVID booster shot as cases begin to rise

May 18, 2022

Wednesday Governor Gavin Newsom visited a clinic in Bakersfield to receive his second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. He is also encouraging eligible Californians to keep their immunity strong.”

COVID-19 Rebound After Paxlovid Treatment

Tweet from Gavin