George Monbiot: his attacks on Malhotra demonstrates that he knows his lockdown & COVID fraud gene injection lunacy killed people! He attacks me, Malhotra, McCullough, all of us yet puts up nothing

by Paul Alexander

To date, we have not one study to show that the COVID gene injections reduces hospitalization & death, not one, no proper RCTs, no study controlling effects of early treatment, healthy vaccinee bias

Shame on these people who use their platforms to smear and slander yet will not openly debate the people they are smearing, like this other dufus grifter Kevin Bass, the ever grinning MD in training who seeks to have capitalized on the upside when lockdowns and vaccine lunacy benefitted him to be on that side (incentivized him) and now the shit has hit the fan, he seeks to run onto our side to claim it was a failure, yet he seeks to do it by attacking the COVID truth seekers and claims he was always on our side. I mean one needs to take up drinking and suspend reality to cope with the insanity at times on both sides. ugh!