George Santos: why are these hypocrites in US government, media giving George stick for drag & being Gay? Do you know the filth & corrupted banditry of congress? You gots no issue with Zelenskyy drag?

by Paul Alexander

So Ukraine leader Zelenskyy could run around with pump stilettos & leather pants in drag & you have no issue but giving George stick? Give me a break you hypocrite, I like George; so what if he is gay

So what if he is gay, many of the best people I know are gay. Most principled, I could not give a rats ass if George is gay!

He could probably do the congress job better than many of the crooks on the republican and democrat side. See Volodymyr Zelensky second from left. So he could get his drag on and not George?

Who cares, but don’t talk smack about George Santos if you are down with Volodymyr, you hypocrite.

He is a liar? George is a liar? Show me a congressperson or Senator with an accurate honest resume? Show me anyone in the media or Washington. Even in academia. Come on, they all embellish and lie, it is par for the course. They are incredible liars and want to give him stick? Give George stick, you Delilah you. If I was George I would flip them all the bird. Who cares? They all have liar resumes. Remember ‘Da Nang Dick’ Blumenthal for his stolen valor? Omar and her husband brother? Or Fang Fang the spy and Swalwell. Come on, lets get real. If we are going by lies on resumes every congressperson is out!

see TikTok video and I like Volodymyr’s moves, he gots game. So why slam George when you are cool with Volodymyr? These are the same people who feign innocence and holy and sanctimonious lives when they are home fondling their backyard chickens and molesting their animals. Give me a break.

You go George! I gots your back homie!

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