German Minister of Health Prof. Karl Lauterbach and his vaccine & lockdown lunacy now tests positive after his 4th COVID shot (like Fauci & Newsom & Trudeau) & on Paxlovid; see his tweet & translation

by Paul Alexander

He went against the science that the vaccine fails and does not work and is driving infection in the vaccinated and that Paxlovid causes rebound COVID...he demanded Germans take the 4th shot...

Truth be told that in any democratic or free nation, the people are able to live freely with their rights protected and our governments must never force us to chose between putting bread on the table and the COVID gene injection. This is exactly what it did, to allow us to exercise our rights. Our governments harmed us! We must get accountability for this serious abuse of us societally, we must punish these people in the courts and at the polls!

Here is this Minister of Health in Germany is a special type of ding dong! You must follow his positions to understand the idiocy! He thinks he is smarter than the average German. He is not!

Google translate:

‘Unfortunately, despite great caution, I fell ill with Corona. Despite the 4th vaccination. The symptoms are still mild. To avoid complications I take Paxlovid. I would like to thank everyone for the many good wishes. Hate and meanness, also occurs, are ignored.’