Germany COVID infections/cases rising, and due to the vaccine, this is the result we told these idiots and deaths also link direct with vaccine; their response, MORE vaccine, a MANDATE, insane!

by Paul Alexander

Forget the vaccine causes escalating infection, & hospitalization, and death, no no no, just push more vaccine for Bourla and Bancel...these are the real HORSEMEN of the apocalypse; BA.2, will be used

At present, the OMI’s sub-lineage BA.1.1 accounts for over 70 %of cases in the United States while BA.2. accounts for greater than 11 %, and I fear the US will use the German surge and BA.2 to drive fear and push for more lockdowns. COVID is done, the evidence on OMI shows us this, and is the off-ramp, and that the BA.2 is more infectious but not lethal. We see no other data that indicates otherwise. Yet be warned what will come next to scare you.

See vaccine rates graph.

See South Korea below, as well as Germany and India…I ask you why has India done so well, far less vaccinated too, and ssshhhh, dont tell them, its called ‘early treatment’, its called ‘prophylaxis’…sssshhhh, its called horse paste and hydroxychloroquine…ssshhhh

Germany considers COVID-19 vaccine mandate as case count climbs