Germany: EXCESS Mortality rising rapidly; why? What occurred in early 2021 & 2022 to coincide with excess mortality rise (36% excess)? vaccine? Federal Health Minister Lauterbach says he was wrong!

by Paul Alexander

You played with fire for you as nations, you idiots, disregarded the evolutionary interplay between the virus and the population immune response; you pressured the virus but did not eliminate it



‘Lauterbach admits that schools and daycare centers were closed longer than necessary. However, politicians could only follow the level of knowledge available at the time. In retrospect, Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) admits that there were mistakes in corona policy.’

This dufus is now saying they had no information in Germany, a first world nation with internet access. That they followed the advisors. Lauterbach now blames advisors.

This is a pure lie, he was just power-drunk and inept and malicious to the German population, and must be investigated as to how much was he compromised to do what he did.