Germany & the impact of mass vaccination using the COVID mRNA gene injections, look at their deaths from 2016 to 2022; graph is shocking & tells us a story that we see across high vaccinated nations

by Paul Alexander

The tale is stable, where there is high vaccination, there is subsequent high infections, cases, hospitalizations, and then the death curve; Africa will win and have won, they are low vaccine nations

You never ever mass vaccinate across all age groups into a pandemic while there is massive infectious pressure and using a vaccine that is sub-optimal that does not sterilize/neutralize the virus (does not stop infection, replication, or transmission); there will be resulting natural selection pressure on the target antigen and there will be selection of the ‘fittest’ most infectious variants by the virus that could overcome the sub-optimal mounting population immune pressure. These would then become the new dominant variants and the pandemic will not abate. There will be massive viral immune escape, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease and original antigenic sin (immune fixation, priming, imprinting).