Germany, UK, & US COVID infection/cases today July 4th 2022; all rising Omicron BA.4 & BA.5, relative to South Africa; difference? vaccination rates and use of massive early treatment; India?

by Paul Alexander

Even if India sees a blip rise, it will fare very well due to a young population, use of early treatment, natural immunity & more trained innate immune systems as it staved of vaccine for a long time

Vaccinated nations like US and UK and Germany and Portugal seeing massive rises in infections and cases in the vaccinated. Issue is we are about to see massive rises in hospitalization and possibly death too. We warned about this, for nations to stop this injection. I fear it is coming.

The unvaccinated person, young person, the unvaccinated child with an intact functional innate immune system with trained innate antibodies is the gold standard and prize. Protect that innate immune system in children, it is the most potent weapon on the immunological battlefield.

South Africa is a perfect example for it has a low vaccine rate and this staved off the shot. It’s people and young people and children benefitted from training of their innate immune systems that served them well for the omicron sub-variants.