Get Dr. Paul Alexander! Shut him down! Cancel him, silence him! Yes, we Freedom Fighter doctors & scientists benefit from Malone donor money & Alexander is asking questions Malone can't answer so we

by Paul Alexander

have to work together to discredit, smear him! Do you the reader understand what I just wrote? That's the game now, they are near orgasmic trying to hurt me & I love it, as I will punish them in media

I say, put on your big boy drawers, all of you who are in the fraud Malone camp, and think you want to game with me, you want to talk smack on me, you want to attack me because I am guilty of asking Malone to answer some key scientific questions? oh you can’t have that for if he gets angry (as he does) and you are my friend or we worked together on COVID somehow, what is that you say? he will get donors to stop giving you money? you money whore! we, let me say this, you go take a stiff drink, before you come at me, for you will need defend what you did across 3 years while I was at the front of the battle…while you pulled fuzzballs as people like me and Risch and Oskoui and McCullough and Tenenbaum and Ladapo et al. were on the front line, you will need defend your actions, all of them, you will need discredit me when I was on stages with you and wrote with you and you begged me to stand next to you for a photo with me so you can ask for more donations, you sick money whore!….I don’t play like you, war is war….I was with you remember, I know the game, and no, I don’t have my head inserted up Malone’s ass for money or favors or clicks or shout outs.

It is really a shame, disgusting, that people who were my friends within the COVID Freedom Movement, because I defended the Breggins and McCullough against Malone attacks etc., had nothing to do with me, just I said he was wrong for suing and attacking people in our COVID Freedom family, and I called him out and asked serious scientific questions about his deadly mRNA technology that he has gained fame and money over yet which kills (basis of the deadly COVID vaccines), they joined his side and when most are silent, a certain few decided to poke me and interfere with me and attack me.

I did them nothing, this had nothing to do with them, all I did was ask Malone questions yet he then attacked me in media, smeared me, slandered me, caused threats on me, and they stood silent and even joined him. How am I to respond? I am dismayed and so very disappointed in these people for I helped them lots too, yet they caused me loss, and I used to think they were of moral standing and character. I grew to realize they are worse than the doctors in the general public who stood by as people died and refused to treat, who helped impose lockdowns and the fraud vaccine mandate that killed. Who censor. They are essentially money whores! Spineless. I ask them here openly, please do not interfere with me.

Malone did me and my family wrong (and others) or at least tried (because I called him out on suing Breggins and attacking McCullough) but he did not study me, he thought I was like the weak pusillanimous spineless people he bullies usually in the Freedom Movement, using his lackies too, and until he fully apolazgizes on the same Twitter and stack he did his nasty on, I will keep asking him the questions no one, no respectable Freedom Figher media outfit will ask, serious questions that need asking for it is his mRNA technology and others, that was the basis for these gene injections and which has killed and it is outrageous that you would be silent for money…money whores you are. No integrity. None. I asked questions before and will continue for this is about truth, explicitness, transparency, accountability, justice. Not even my friend I will go lightly on if their COVID actions caused harms.

There is one ‘Project’ COVID like outfit that told me they will never work with Malone (leaders of it) for he could tarnish them, they heard stories about pedophilia linked to the crypto group and the very group Malone took me to Miami (and others) to wine and dine, not the doctors in the DMED, not them, it’s the ‘backers’ of the DMED, the funders, thats where this ‘Project’ folk told me whispers of pedophilia resided and why they were appalled and will never work with anyone linked to DMED (not the doctors, it is the funders) including Malone. They were not saying Malone was tied to that, but as I tried to warn him, the crypto and DMED backers and funders seemed to be or at least that was the word on the street and in the Miami houses we were fetted in. That of course would not fly with me so I exited. Fast. Dropped them like a hot potato and told Malone and his crew I will not work with them. I tried but that was too much for me to hear. Turns out they lied, they too are money whores. No line of fixed integrity. That Project. I warn Malone again for his name, his reputation, to get away from those Miami crypto people and the DMED funders etc. Not the doctors, the funders. Just my advice. They do not seem on the good and his fine reputation could be tarnished by association. Get away Robert, for your name will be tarnished, for the truth is never far behind! No matter how much money their floss with, get away Robert, not worth it.