Get to the polls! Get to the Alberta polls and pull that lever for Premier Danielle Smith! No one is perfect but Smith is the best among all & promises big things for Alberta; we will hold her feet

by Paul Alexander

I support her election to Premier; she has promised to work with Albertans to better that precious province; so good luch Danielle and you got my support and vote! Please follow through



The NDP will damage Alberta, damage Canada and what Smith is selling is worth a purchase. We will exchange if the goods are bad as we will go back to the polls yet at present, she is best for Alberta and I urge you to support her. Let us give her a chance, a clean slate. Let us.

‘(Reuters) - Voters in Canada's main oil-producing province Alberta head to the polls on Monday in a tight election race that is expected to have a significant bearing on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's climate goals, which are already seen as lagging global peers.

The battle between populist Premier Danielle Smith's United Conservative Party (UCP), which is seeking a second consecutive term, and Rachel Notley's left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) is expected to be extremely close, pollsters say, even though Alberta is traditionally a conservative bastion.’