Getting word (developing the information before presenting) that the mRNA Lipid-nano particles (LNP) & technology was a bioweapon (100%) designed to carry poisons/toxins like ricin etc.; was this 100%

by Paul Alexander

a military program? is this why Fauci has been 'UNTOUCHABLE'? was mRNA technology (and LNP) really a bioweapons program repurposed for COVID or rolled out as a bioweapon?

This entire pandemic was a fraud, devised to get to the gene injection. It was never real, it is a manufactured fraud pandemic, all that was done to us for 3 years (stripping of our liberties and freedoms, with scorn and malice) was a hoax, we never needed any lockdowns, nothing. If we had done NOTHING, we would be ahead, way less deaths.

Contract issues, law and the contracts POTUS Trump signed we are studying and something is coming shortly that would open your eyes as to what he agreed to in OWS.

Was this a pure military program developing battlefield weapons disguised as injections and content of injections? Did the players inform POTUS Trump? He could not have known. I think I (we are) am over the target, there is some aspects we do not know but we are flying deep into enemy territory, we are close; this is why questions must be asked and answered; this is shaping up to be a pure bioweapon injection and the system was built to carry payloads of toxins, poisons etc. Is mRNA technology really a poison? a toxin? who can answer this for us? We do not know, we want answers.

I am thinking now that US, Ukraine, and Chinese labs were involved (and Canada) and led by the US. This has US footprint 100%. 100% lab made, and was this a biological weapon (deliberately developed) with a payload system for the enemy on the battle field? Was the LNP really more of a transport vessel for poisons, toxins etc.???

Gosh, these are very tantalizing questions. We need experts involved to answer them.

see David Martin: