Giorgia Meloni is tired, tired of the middle eastern and African men killing and raping across Europe. I agree with her. Covid is done and the wolf is agitating again, rapes to come again

by Paul Alexander

The wolf ran into the basement scared of the virus, but with the winding down, the wolf emerges. Guard your daughters for he is coming again. He is no longer afraid. Do not forget Bataclan

What they did to the club patrons on the second floor of Bataclan, France, was depravity and monstrous, they disemboweled people, pure hate, they cut the men’s balls off and stuffed into their mouths and repeatedly stabbed the women in their vaginas…they brutalized the women…be warned, the wolf lurks and is agitating as COVID is done. Soon the knives and swords of the wolf will re-emerge in Europe and the west, and the leftist freaks in government will wring their hands and welcome them in via the Southern Border and allow those already inside brought by Obama, to come alive.

Thank God for the 2nd amendment of the US, deep praise to the founders, to guard our girls. From the wolf.

Read about Bataclan.

Welcome Giorgia, the likes of her.