Global infection/case rates COVID July 16th 2022; shows us that pandemic is expanding & due not to the VIRUS, but due to the failed non-neutralizing vaccine & antibodies that enhance VAXXed infection

by Paul Alexander

This is catastrophic if these idiots at NIH & CDC & Pfizer & Moderna such as Fauci & Francis Collins & Walensky & Albert Bourla & Bancel who have no clue, no idea what they are doing, DO NOT stop this

The graphs below tell us, both the infections and cases today and the vaccine rates, that the vaccinated appear at risk of infection and illness. We knew this, we told them this and the graphs tell us this. They are not listening! Why? The more vaccinated you are as a nation, more infection and cases you have post mass vaccination! It is clear the COVID injections, mRNA, are facilitating and enhancing infection in the vaccinated. Not the virus!

The key worry is that by vaccinating with the COVID vaccine, we will damage the innate immune system of children (prevent training of innate antibodies and innate antibodies educating NK (natural killer) cells) and this will leave them vulnerable in their innate immune system not recognizing ‘self’ from ‘non-self’. This is the key. If innate Abs are not trained and do not instruct the NK cells in their role to clear out infected cells (if innate Abs are breached and virus enters the cells), then our children will be in deep trouble, especially if a lethal variant comes. Consider too, at some point, this virus will go away, but we will be left with vaccine inside of us producing spike and antibodies life long. Life long, it will not stop. They did not ensure this. Did not study the implications. The FDA failed is in ensuring this! Consider that we have no idea what will happen immunologically.

We cannot vaccinate them, our children, with these COVID injections!!!! Under no condition!!!

Look at South Africa (SA) below 2nd to last graph (then look at the vaccine rates in selected nations I plotted)…SA is one of the lowest vaccinated nations yet omicron BA 4 and BA 5 has been gentle…a rise and clear plunge. I, Geert, we argue it is the delay of the vaccine, that has allowed African nations to withstand omicron and it’s infectiousness. It bought time for young South African persons and children to train their innate antibodies and innate immune system. It is the innate immune system of children and young persons that sterilizes the virus and plays a key role in protecting the society. Key player on the immunological battle field. Helps that Africa is young as is South Asian nations. We have to defend this immune system, the innate in children with our might.

Again, ‘it is the vaccine, stupid’, it is NOT the virus, it is the sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that are placing the spike antigen under immune pressure but not eliminating the virus, while causing increased infectiousness to the vaccinated. It is the vaccine, the COVID vaccine that is causing infection in vaccinated and the expansion now of this pandemic that was over in Feb 2021. If this vaccine is not stopped, this pandemic will continue for 100 years.