Government of Canada drops vaccine mandate for federal employees...I will share only what I can; one of those employees I know well & I have been helping them & the documents they submitted

by Paul Alexander

in their last grievance hearing, the government knew I was involved and knew once it was denied, the person was then going to the courts and those documents would be official public record

They knew I was the background advisor.

You see, the government only does what it can get away with and they would have been laughed at and ridiculed once the documents the suspended employee entered into the public record in a legal filing. Their top public health officials who command the policies would be shown to be the idiots and corrupted blockheads they are.

You have no idea how I would have helped rake those inept corrupted morons in the Government of Canada, over the coals; I was using all my skills and would have not stopped. And more to come, if they do not return all leave, entitlements, and backpay.

This employee had a bona fide severe allergic reaction to PEG of the mRNA lipid nano particle, the outside shell that envelops the mRNA core; they had proven ER and doctor care…paperwork…2 years before the vaccine. Yet the doctor showed paperwork from the federal government and the corrupted filthy College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario saying if allergic to PEG, the person would need their doctor to administer first shot and if they reacted violently, then the second would not be given and they would then get a medical exemption. He even said there is a risk of death. But he had to administer the first.

I accompanied the person to the doctor. I told the doctor to take the vaccine and shove it up his ass and while at it, shove it up the asses of all those on the board of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. That is such a crooked corrupted inept bunch of people.

That said, I say thanks to the government for reversing an illogical, irrational, inept, nonsensical, corrupted, specious, absurd policy, hurting people, these people had no income for 5-6 months, suffering…some could not take it and I leave it there.

But we will now ensure people get their back pay…