Governor Kristi Noem Sues Biden for Canceling Mount Rushmore Fireworks; you go girl! It is about time, this is nonsensical, specious, has no basis, no science, nothing, just malice by the Biden admin.

by Paul Alexander

“So I’m suing him in federal court over it, and we will win because we’re right,” she added. “I think this is nothing more than he’s being mean and this is some sort of a punishment, and it’s pretty".

Democrats, the left, haters of America, RINOs, all those entities that hate the USA, anyone who hates it’s flag, it’s culture, anyone who hates the USA, they work hard to prevent us from celebrating this great nation. We say NO, eff NO, and we celebrate the flag, the anthem, the nation. Go back to your shit hole and go celebrate other shit holes and leave the US alone. Leave!! You cannot live in America and take all from her and hate her…leave!!!

Eff them all!!!!!!!! I really like Noem’s love of nation.

They’re being so punitive,” Noem said on the “Todd Starnes Show” Tuesday.

“We’ve jumped through all the hoops. We’ve checked all the boxes. We’ve met the requirements of the permit that we need to host it, and he’s just denying it to be punitive because he doesn’t like me or the decisions we’re making in the state of South Dakota,” the Republican governor explained.’