Grace Schara, 19 years old, had Down syndrome: was she murdered by the hospital after contracting COVID? Her father Scott Schara says she was murdered & seeks justice for his daughter; Down syndrome?

by Paul Alexander

Scott Schara thinks she was killed para: 'Grace had a ‘do not resuscitate order’ (DNR) placed on her without her family's consent. She was given a lethal cocktail of drugs that led to her death.'

‘In 2021, Grace Schara, who has Down syndrome, was admitted to the Appleton Hospital in Wisconsin for low oxygen from contracting COVID-19. 

Grace had a ‘do not resuscitate order’ (DNR)  placed on her without her family's consent. 


When family members asked doctors to step in and save the young woman, they did nothing.

Grace Schara passed away at 19 years old, in the care of Doctors and nurses that didn't value her life and facilitated her death. 

Hospitals are committed to following what the government dictates and receiving financial benefits, so Grace's life was of little consequence to them. 

It is a sad day in our country when someone's life doesn't matter because they have Down syndrome. 

We have witnessed the leftist movement try to dehumanize children with Down syndrome and even attempt to erase them through abortion and genetic testing. 

There have been thousands of cases where children with Down syndrome are mistreated, ignored, and, like Grace, murdered. 

When will we finally take a stand against this genocide?’

Did they suffer Grace due to her Down Syndrome status? These are animals and criminals IMO. My friend Dr. Bridle’s son has Down Syndrome and IMO having met him, he is more functional and loving and understanding than children his own age. Is this how the medical doctors see our children with this issue? Do they value the lives of these children, young people, persons?