Graduating teen CAN'T graduate if I say NO SHOT, yet Newsom's 4th shot yet infected & symptoms, shows you how Fauci & Walensky & Bourla have driven young people crazy; CANNOT graduate no vax?????

by Paul Alexander

This Los Angeles decision to not allow unvaxxed students to graduate shows you the batshit lunacy! Newsom is sick 4th shot, teens say NO SHOT, I have decided, you the system say NO graduation

What happened recently, the lunacy of the lockdowns and what it did, is right here…you punish people who say no vax, yet leaders who get 4 shots get infected and sick. How does this make sense? What do these teens who should graduate do now? We are doing things that are wrong to them. We are deranged as leaders now.

How should they now feel? They have no decision making? They cannot graduate? How is no vax linked to their graduation? Why punish them for the most important step in many of their lives? This devastates young people. They played along and now punished with a fraud pandemic and fraud vaccine? I as an adult cannot understand this? See why this may cause some to go nuts???? Do not discount this.

I am hoping that these teens get to graduate and that clarity returns. I have no faith though. Newsom and that type of lunacy pervades!

Do you understand when Jeff Tucker and I wrote in Brownstone about the links between the lockdown lunacy culture and punishment as to no vax, what we did ? We are part responsible for deranged young people…this situation shows it plainly.


Governor Gavin Newsom gets COVID booster shot as cases begin to rise

May 18, 2022

Wednesday Governor Gavin Newsom visited a clinic in Bakersfield to receive his second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. He is also encouraging eligible Californians to keep their immunity strong.”

COVID-19 Rebound After Paxlovid Treatment

Tweet from Gavin


1)Report: Los Angeles County High School Banning Unvaccinated Students from Graduation Ceremony

This is the pressure on young people today. Is this right? Can young persons withstand this pressure and this slight? We have already seen two recent cases of what actions troubled 18 year olds can take. They can and have engaged in criminal depraved acts (Buffalo and Uvaldo) that ended in the loss of precious life. The issue I am raising is that the vaccine is ineffective and unsafe and the young people are reading the news and seeing everyone getting infected and sick who got vaccinated. They are more than likely already naturally immune. Surveys show 80% of US children have antibodies and I argue now May 2022, this is likely 95%. They are thus very concerned for their own safety and of course would be confused as to how the government can impose this on them without allowing them to make a decision on their bodies. Students have done their due diligence by completing school yet they are being barred from celebrating their achievement that comes once in life. Their hard work. For reasons that make no sense to us and them, are not science based, and the data clearly shows the harms that can be caused by these vaccines. How should these LA students feel now? Why bully them and punish them this way? They did nothing wrong. This is further adding to the divisiveness in society where unvaccinated are pitted against vaccinated. This is very wrong. Can you understand how much pressure and disturbance and frustration we are placing on young people? You have isolated them, locked them down, closed their schools, and telling them they have no say, no decision-making and if they do not follow your specious unsound policies of vaccination, they will still be at the loss.