Grant Wahl & three research studies: did his wife's advocacy for vaccine (she is a medical doctor) & pushing it to the point of punishing unvaccinated persons, cause or contribute sadly to his death?

by Paul Alexander

A real possibility; I think media & medical community's silence is deafening alike the silence over the near 100 Canadian doctors who have dropped dead post COVID vaccine; we need to know societally!

As you know, Grant Wahl was a reporter who suddenly passed away last week. He reportedly died from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. This is tragic and very sad. Rest in peace. Our hearts go out to any loss.

Yet we as society must ask the difficult questions for the media and government, the public health agency officials and top regulators who should be asking questions, are certainly doing a fine job covering this all up!


So let us here anger them and push them and ask the right question (s).

His wife (Dr. Gounder) has been a fierce proponent of the COVID gene therapy injections to the point of agreeing with ostracization if one is not vaccinated and as the COVIDian Taliban crazies would say, you should be banned from ‘polite society’. She even opined that it’s ok for the wealthy to get ahead of the poorer for vaccine.

His wife:

Study 1:

What does this study say? Its showed that persons with giant cell arteritis (GCA) have ‘a markedly increased risk of developing thoracic aortic aneurysms (AA)’. Yet is it due to Aortitis?

Study 2:

What does this study say and can we link it (aneurysm) to the the mRNA vaccines he took? Yes, we can.

Look at this study by Liozon et al. on the link between the influenza vaccine and giant cell arteritis ( GCA):

Now look at this Anzola et al. study in 2022 pointing to a potential direct link between the COVID mRNA gene injection and GCA:

Anzola et al. reported that ‘one of the hypotheses on the pathophysiology of GCA highlights the role of an infectious agent. This conjecture derives from the seasonal incidence of the disease, viral antigens on temporal artery biopsies, and several reports regarding viral entities such as varicella-zoster [9] and, more recently, SARS-COV-2 as possible GCA triggers. Likewise, a relationship with the influenza vaccine has been described [10]. In a recently published case of GCA related to the mRNA vaccine, a similar observation was made regarding these vaccines and their ability to induce cross-reactivity and trigger self-recognition using different mechanisms [2].

Anzola went on to say that while ‘the overall incidence of vaccine-triggered autoimmunity is low, vaccinations should continue as planned.’ These researchers are calling on rheumatologists worldwide to recognize this risk and to be aware of autoimmune diseases as a new potential adverse event of mRNA vaccines.

What do you conclude now? See the link? Do you think we can connect the dots here? Is there a potential that he was multiple vaccinated given his words and his wife’s statements? Do you think the vaccines as per studies above, could have caused his death?

I think almost certainly. It cannot be ruled out! All involved have a vested interest to deny the roll of the vaccine, his wife certainly. Sad as this may be, this is wrong and she must come clean. Yet, likely we will never know the truth.

But I ask, did she, Dr. Gounder, his wife, push him to get the COVID injections and the booster? Did he do it just for her? Did her advocacy cause the death of her husband, if he took it only due to her profile and her urging? We will never know and likely you would say this is their business. This is true. Yet did he die due to the COVID gene injection? Was his ruptured aortic aneurysm linked directly (or indirectly) to the COVID gene injection? Was it due to Aortitis? Was the COVID gene injection linked to Aortitis? Did the vaccine cause some form of inflammatory response that drove the Aortitis (inflammation of the aorta)? Is this linked to auto-immune disease?

We as a society need to know for our own informed decision making and these two people, Grant and his wife, used their social status and media to push the public to take the shot. Did they know what they were talking about and did their coercion cause deaths to others? Was his wife reckless and only spewing talking points without telling the public about the harms of these shots? IMO, Dr. Gounder likely did a disservice to her husband if she forced him or coerced him (and did not give him the proper balance of benefits versus harms evidence) and should be banned from social media, in spite of her husband’s death.

She is potentially reckless and dangerous IMO for the words she used in social media calling potentially for the penalties and societal privileges to be removed from unvaccinated persons. This doctor was one of the media taking heads spouting off garbage science that was ill-informed and as we see today, nothing she has ever sad was correct. Where is her mea culpa? This was wrong and I would hope at some point given the clear information that mandates etc. as one example, were wrong for the vaccine never stopped transmission, she would come clean and admit her gross errors. She was and is a vaccine shill, a COVID vaccine shill and she IMO then and now remains reckless and uninformed. She has guided Americans wrongfully! The evidence that has accumulated does not support her COVID gene injection advocacy.

I wish Grant Wahl a clear path to heaven. God speed!