Graphs by nations reveal a dangerous trend due to the non-sterilizing COVID vaccine and it driving new infectious variants every 2 months or so; i)peaks higher ii) curves faster iii) baseline higher

by Paul Alexander

This indicates that viral dynamics have changed & the virus is responding devastatingly to evolutionary pressure placed on it; pressure by vaccinal Abs on the spike itself; high infectious pressure

Update: someone asked to see India included so I now redid and included India.

We need some cleaner graphs and some more data but it is obvious from the graphs below that the i) peaks are higher ii) the epi curves are coming faster iii) and the baseline after the downward decline is higher; the virus is adapting/evolving to the sub-optimal immune pressure (non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing that does not eliminate the virus) and is evading the vaccinal Abs (overcoming this sub-optimal pressure), selecting (natural selection) for more infectious variants that are becoming more virulent and possibly more lethal; there is clear indication of ADE and original antigenic sin (prejudiced biased primed immune responding towards the initial legacy Wuhan strain) and the fear is that we have damaged the innate (and acquired-adaptive) immunity of populations. We can hypothesize this with some assurance given the UK data showing both vaccinated and unvaccinated have increased infection etc.

Updated graph and additional nations to make the 3 points above: