'GREAT SOCIETY'; Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965, this was the greatest devastation, wrong doing on the African-American society, it 'broke' them, damaged them; 100 years post slavery 1865 ending...

by Paul Alexander

From 1865-1965, 100 years, African-Americans were on their way up and out, doing tremendously well, only 1 in 4 homes was a single parent; then Lyndon's program 'helping', destroyed them

‘Hollowed’ out African-Americans, cavitated the society, and did it under the guise of ‘doing good by you’. It is an incredible situation.

The truth is, African-Americans were outpacing whites even, based on pure hard work, skill, drive, capability, for the 1st 100 years post abolishment of slavery, 1865 to 1965. With nothing other than pure hard work. Love of America, its flag, using its customs and deep faith and love of family as its glue and fuel. The Great Society in 1965 then functioned to degrade everything that held Black America together as a coherent peoples who were ‘making’ it without any government intervention or help. Making it on their own strength.

1865-1965, 100 years post slavery abolishment, African-Americans were on their way up and out, doing tremendously well, only 1 in 4 homes was a single parent; then Lyndon's program 'helping’ came along. What happened due to all this ‘doing good by me’? Well, in 1966 it all stopped, one year or so after implementation of the Great Society. Steep decline. From 1990 or so the ravages of the Great Society programs were baked in and, 4 in 5 African-American homes (over 80%) were then led by a single parent, if at all. The father was gone, AWOL, told he does not even matter. Due to the Great Society programs. It was devastating. Grandmother often had to step up as even mother AWOL. You have no idea what African American grand mothers did for the nation in holding things down for she saw what the Great Society did to the family and the children, especially the young black male, so she stepped up. Huge praise, never can we praise her enough.

All indicators, home ownership, education, crime, employment, more intact nuclear family homes…all were at and even outpacing other societal groups 1865 to 1965 in African-Americans, for 100 years post slavery abolishment, IMO and understanding of the data, but when the ‘government’ and those who wanted ‘to do good by them’ came along with the Great Society, and it devastated blacks, all positive socio-economic indicators plunged down and have remained down…blacks were even out pacing whites and other groups in 1865 to 1965 but from 1966, it was over. Game over. Government (these crooked inept government social engineers) breeded dependency and broke the African American home, destroyed the father, pushed out-of-wedlock births (mainstreamed it, even before 1965), took fantastic beautiful people, our African American people and broke them, even whites were broken who became dependent on the handouts, it breeds mediocracy and sheer dependency, a loss of dignity, identity, validation, humanity, belonging…(yes, as they dehumanized, denigrated and broke the black American’s mind, they deranged whites too) and it broke the mind.

It broke the will and the drive to ‘reach further’. It took good people and made them deficient and fostered acceptance of this ‘dumbing down’. And this was accompanied and followed by the illicit mind altering drugs that was let loose on the US streets and decimated the black community. What people needed then and still now is not so much a ‘hand up’ or help, but they just want you to get out of the way and not impede them. With no impediments, I argue people will find their way.

Now we even have a different social engineering experiment, where white people are denigrated and attacked just for being white, and that they must embrace this as a routine normal part of life. Is that right?

Today, no democrat city, location in US, even in republican areas, that had huge reach into by the Great Society, are above water. Crime ridden, drug infested, broken. Have had democrat control for 50 and 60 years and look at them today, with trillions, trillions $ pours in yet the place is destroyed. Hollowed out! And you ask any democrat or any of these crooked congress people and senators, ‘well look, the Great Society failed’ para…they will tell you incredibly, “you just did not give enough tax money, 15 trillions $ across 60 years was just not good enough, and we had not let the experiment run long enough, we need another 20 years and for sure you will see the success that has eluded us for the last 60, and we just did not enact enough programs”…that’s the bull shit criminality of these DC elites and thieves…they will never stop, they need you broken dependent. These crooked thieving high-crime bandits in Washington will tell you they need more time, more money, more programs to show you success…imagine that. After 60-70 years of failure! Hollowed out our societies.

Now flooding us with a new wave of dependent voter, the Latino South American voter. They broke the African-American, and the thing is, the blacks are figuring it out now so they are running scared, so are turning to a new voter. Don’t help the black community, no no no, nah, not worth it, we will now help the Latino voter…you blacks becoming ‘informed’ and may bail…why are we flooding the nation with illegals from down South when we cannot even fix the streets we have here? Why must they get benefits from the tax payer when we have our own people needing help? I want to help anyone but we need help our own first. We have serious internal issues we need to help our people.

I speak it as I understand it and if I am wrong or can be educated, please share. But in my mind, the Great Society devastated the African-American community in the US.

Its about home ownership, families, fathers, mothers, nuclear family, religion/faith in and out of the homes etc. These are the issues that were destroyed and we must take them back and fix this. You are part of your community and I know you feel down and hopeless as if you cannot make a difference. That’s very wrong, for you can! We have to put massive pressure on these leeches and criminals in DC and in our governments and elsewhere who pimp off pain and suffering and even want to see the poor man and woman down. White or black. They want you so, need you so, they need you dependent and broken.

Let us have the discussion, it begins to set us free, it sets us free, yes, we are all uniquely powerful and potent and unbelievably capable, each one of us, in our own God’s eyes, whomever your God and driver is, whatever you hold onto, but you are special, I and you and we are here for a reason. In Plato’s ‘allegory of the cave’, the idea and main point to me, is that most people only ‘get the shadows’, no matter how much you show them and tell them, they run back into the cave for the shadows is all they know and knew…were shown…told that is only what is important and that is all that there is…I say NO, never, we are better than the shadows on the wall…