GREED: Most ventilators bought by Canadian Trudeau Liberals not used; The Trudeau Liberals have since admitted that they may have overestimated the amount needed, & have stored most; GREED $

by Paul Alexander

Investigate this, many many in parliament, buddies of the government, high level people, made serious tax payer crooked money, always happens, so examine it and JAIL them, jail all involved!

Investigate Baylis Medical and CAE Inc. and Thornhill Medical, assume they did not wrong, please, but these companies got hundreds of tax paper money. Let us see who ‘knew’ who and got special contracts and then gave kickbacks. I am not saying they did but we do not know. Let us examine and if shown wrong, we take back the money and jail these people. Jail anyone. But no blame now, no, we investigate first. We have to be unbiased and fair. See if there was corruption first and if there was, jail them. No matter how high it goes.

Under the leadership of Health Minister Patty Hajdu, Canada’s Department of Health purchased over $1 billion worth of ventilators to help care for those suffering from respiratory problems as a result of being infected with Covid-19. The government has since admitted that they may have overestimated the amount needed, and have moved the vast majority to a warehouse for storage.

According to Public Services and Procurement Canada, of the 40,000 ventilators ordered by the Trudeau Liberals at the beginning of the pandemic, 27,706 have been delivered as of April 2022.

Of those, only 2,048 have been utilized. Most were given to provinces and territories, while some were sent to overwhelmed nations. 

One of the companies subcontracted Baylis Medical, a firm owned by former Liberal MP Frank Baylis. They received a $237 million contract and insisted that the government pay in advance.

This raised conflict of interest questions, however, Baylis insisted that he "didn't speak to anybody to try and influence them to give a contract to Baylis Medical."

Two other firms, CAE Inc. and Thornhill Medical, received $282.5 million and $200.5 million contracts, respectively.’