Groundbreaking Case? 18-Year-Old to Sue Over 'Grossly Negligent' Transgender Treatment; An 18-year-old California girl is taking on one of the nation's largest medical groups. Chloe Cole alleges that

by Paul Alexander

Kaiser Permanente coerced her into transgender medical treatment that she says was grossly negligent and resulted in permanent mutilation and damage to her body.


‘Cole, who has since de-transitioned, is planning to sue Kaiser, alleging that doctors and staff convinced her and her parents that she should undergo treatments by saying that medical transition was the only way to resolve her gender dysphoria and address her high risk of suicide.

In 2017, Cole says a Kaiser doctor prescribed a puberty blocker for her. In addition to testosterone treatment, doctors recommended surgery and removed Cole's breasts in a 2020 double mastectomy. 
A year later, Cole told her doctor she regretted it.’